Effortlessly Gorgeous Party Makeup Looks thumbnail

One of my beauty pet peeves is thick, heavy makeup.

Get Healthier Scalp and Boost Hair Growth With This Shampoo thumbnail

I chose this particular shampoo for the overall health of my hair and scalp.

Makeup & Hair Inspiration for Spring 2016 thumbnail

Are you ready for spring?

Winter Holidays: Hot or Cold… or Both? thumbnail

Now there's a new option that's becoming increasingly popular.... both!

Longing for Warm Spring thumbnail

Along with comfortable sunny weather, I'm also longing for spring fashion that includes an airy dress, sandals and a cute hat.

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This is how I plan exactly how to go about my perfect relaxing bath.

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You would be surprised how simple it is to wear such an eye-catching style like thigh-high boots.

Ways to Keep the Spark Alive thumbnail

My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary about a week ago.

short hair trends

For the first time in my life I actually prefer shorter hair (shoulder length).

Casual-Chic Tweed Outfit thumbnail

A colorful tweed jacket is a chic way to liven up your cold-weather looks.