Googly eyes thumbnail

So whatcha think about Google Glass? Chic or not? And is it as practical as it seems?

Spa Sonic face brush review thumbnail

I've been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days.  Wow, talking about a lack of appetite.  Nonetheless, I have a neat beauty product to share with you all - the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.

Tall wellies thumbnail

Every gal should own a pair of tall wellies!  They keep you nice & dry while making you look mighty fabulous in the midst of rain and mud.  As for stylish tall rubber boots, Hunters get an A++ also for its durability.  Ahhh, look at all different color options.

Houndstooth Dress + Sweater thumbnail

Do you feel like your fall wear is a bit dull?  Put on a black-and-white houndstooth dress and top it with a light sweater for a look that is just as refreshing as a summer beach. Kinda obsessed with the icy blue sweater.

Classic favorite from Bath & Body Works thumbnail

A couple of days ago I visited Bath & Body Works to scoop up my all-time favorites.  It has become a yearly tradition of mine where I restock these Warm Vanilla Sugar goodies as the weather starts to chill.  Mmmmmm, so good & warm!

Boho stylin’ – Shopbop sale thumbnail

Shopbop is currently having their Friends & Family sale!  Enter code INTHEFAMILY25 at checkout to get 25% off.  And here are what I have my eye on... to satisfy my boho fashion cravings this season.  Happy shopping! ~~~

Current Obsession – Maslinda Designs necklaces thumbnail

Today, I have some really cool & fun accessories to share with you all. With rich leather and vibrant colors, they sure do MAKE an outfit!

J.Crew fall accessory picks thumbnail

As me & my hubby went shopping at the local J.Crew (love their men's fashion as well), I found some lovely pick-me-up pieces for my fall & winter wardrobe.  It was his day to splurge, but I did manage to sneak one item in.

Citrusy goodness thumbnail

I've mentioned this several times before and I'll say it again that my favorite year-round fragrance is citrus. Take a look at a few of my current favorite citrus scented body mist & moisturizers. ~~

C’mon chilly weather thumbnail

This week the temperature has shot up into the mid 80's, and will be near 90° tomorrow. Seriously? Yes, it has been quite nice & all, but now I'm more than ready for chilly weather to roll in and to start wearing jackets and boots.