It's still warm outside but that doesn't stop me from searching for the hippest fall trends. A girl can make such a statement with her well maintained hands/nails and chosing the right nail colors is just as important.  So here is the perfect collection for your fall nail polish!  The Russian collection by OPI - [...]

I love Keisha Cole. The girl has style and can really sing. Throw in Missy and of course you've got a club banger on your hands. And remember....Let it Go!  

The summer is almost over and the fall season is near, so it's important for us hip girlies to be knowledgable on what's hot for this f/w fashion.  By observing different 2007 f/w collections, there are trendy, chic & sleek to romantic looks.  We also can see some strong glamorous compositions, with bold contrasting colors, silhouettes and textures.  The [...]

Whether you are visiting your family, planning for a romantic getaway or just a girls' weekend trip to the mountains, knowing what to pack is the key to a perfect vacation.  A hip traveler makes sure to be comfortable yet stylish once at her destination.  Here are some useful tips for your packing guide must-do's. Make a [...]

We all know how popular tracksuits are nowadays.  Mainly as what athletes wore over competition clothing and would take off before competing.  In modern times, it has become commonly worn in other contexts.  Tracksuits have been very popular with the hip hop and breakdancing scenes since the 1980's.  Now, they've become one of the favorite styles among [...]

You don't have to spend buku bucks for your summer scent. A little cologne bottle can cost up to $100 or more at a department store...well, I don't think so. Yes, you might have a signature scent you love but gotta try new refreshing scents that are affordable for this hot summer. The ideal summer [...]

  Wanna look sexy but not so confident showing your figure this summer?  Worrying about how to hide those flabby arms or huge thighs?  Well, don't worry girls.  I've got some easy tips for you to enhance your shape and still look hip.  You don't always have to wear skin tight clothes in the summer to [...]

Love, love these Playboy Beauty Lip Gloss Duo In Gold Pouch, Mood Gloss!  Look at the cute bunny cases.  They are absolutely chic and come in an adorable gold pouch.  If you want to be rollin' with beauty & style, these are must-have lip gloss for your purse.  Bring out the little bunny in you and your pout couldn't [...]

This show was recently held in Florence, Italy and is the coolest fashion show. Using CGI technology, Diesel impressed the crowd with a spectacular illusion of sea creatures & machines floating freely through space, even on a runway among actual models. You feel as if you are looking through the deep sea. What's truly amazing [...]

I know the skinny jeans trend has started to fade out slowly and the next "it" jeans are supposed to be wide leg jeans coming this fall season.  Well, wide jeans are just not my cup of tea mainly because they don't enhance a woman's figure as much.  Thought that skinny jeans are only for rail thin [...]