Easy Beachy Waves thumbnail

I have never used a flat iron to create waves. I have always used round curling irons. Well, this Jose Eber flat iron (100% black ceramic plates) creates the best natural looking waves that I really, really like.

How to Plan for the Perfect Prom Night thumbnail

A timeline of pre-prom planning, going from a few months to one day before.

3 Essentials for Comfy-Chic Summer thumbnail

A light and barely-there pair of leggings are a must-have for a summer wardrobe (in my book anyway). They sure are more practical and comfortable than jeans especially in hot weather

Lace + Leopard = Chic Summer Combo thumbnail

A 'lace+leopard' combo is definitely my favorite look. When you dress up for a sunny summer day you just can't go wrong with a chic white lace dress. A leopard-print blouse or vest is a cooler alternative for a jacket in summer.

Don’t Let Undereye Bags and Acne Ruin Your Summer Vacation thumbnail

Are you not looking so hot in the mirror these days?

Not Just Another Crossbody Bag thumbnail

Crossbody and mini bags are more popular than ever before!  This season stay hands-free with a fun fringe crossbody.

My Secret to Beautiful Skin thumbnail

Well, secret no more because I'm sharing it with you all today on what has dramatically improved my skin as of late.

How to Run a Fashion Show thumbnail

So when we're all feeling like strutting our stuff, it's the perfect time to host a fashion show. Whether you want to run a show as a charitable event, or are hoping for a career, here's how to manage a fashion show.

prom dress style tips

When creating the perfect prom outfit, you have to go beyond just the dress.

Him and Her – How to Style Brogues thumbnail

So whether you’re a girl or a boy, how do you wear the classic shoe that is the brogue?