Tips for Parents of Shy Kids

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Having shy children can be a surprise, especially if you are an extrovert. It is not a bad thing, though, and while you might not watch your kid dance in the center of a stage or run for prom king/queen, you kid will have a lot to show you, as long as you provide the space for them to thrive. Here are some tips for parents of shy kids.

Find a Gentle Hobby

Being shy does not mean your kid cannot pursue a hobby. While some might involve too much attention, such as dance or drama, others will allow your kid to focus and create something beautiful while in their own world. Some of the best gentle hobbies for shy kids and teens include painting, sketching, gardening, walking, and writing. So, let them explore a variety of hobbies and watch them thrive when they find the one that suits them.

Consider Mental Health Problems

Not every shy kid is sad, depressed, or anxious, but it is still important to know the signs and seek help if you think they might be struggling. This is especially crucial if your shy kid/teen was once a lot more extroverted, as they could be going through something to cause social isolation. If you worry your kid might be depressed, there are plenty of treatment options from to help them get through their mental health issues.

Make the Most of When They Open Up

The chances are your shy kid will open up when around people that they are comfortable with. Due to it not happening very often, you must make the most of it when it does. Listen to each word they say and give them the spotlight whenever they feel like they can take it, and you will find they are willing to open up even more in the future.

Communicate in Different Ways

If your kid does not like talking, there are other ways to communicate with them. You could write notes, send them texts, or even just sit with them in silence while doing your own thing. Touch can be a form of communication, too – a warm hug or a kiss on the forehead can go a long way when trying to communicate how much you care for them.

Do Activities They Love

If your kid loves swimming, take them swimming. If they prefer to take walks miles and miles away from civilization, get in the car and take them there. Growing up is all about discovering yourself, so give them the space to do that in peace.

Do Not Try and Make Them Extroverted

Many parents push their sky kids to become more outgoing – you should not do this. Appreciate the uniqueness your child holds and allow them to express themselves in the ways they are comfortable with. Many shy kids grow up to be successful, well-rounded individuals, as long as they were not put under too much pressure to perform as a kid.

There is nothing wrong with being shy. By allowing your kid to be who they are without question, you give them the chance to grow.

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