4 Must-Have Accessories to Pair with Your Fall Wardrobe

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When it comes to men’s fashion, accessories are usually kept to a minimum—but over the last few years, men’s jewelry has become increasingly popular. For those who love an urban street style look, gold chains have always been a part of the fashion world, but you still need to have an understanding of how to wear these pieces if you want your look to be put together and stylish. If you’re wondering how you can don your gold jewelry with your fall wardrobe this year, take some of these tips and discover new accessories you can wear any time of the day.

Style Etiquette for Men’s Jewelry

  • Consider the Occasion

While some types of men’s jewelry are appropriate for both day and night, usually you’ll want to swap out your different pieces for different occasions. A simple, more discreet type of necklace will work during the day while a flashy gold chain might be more your vibe when stepping out with the boys at night.

Men’s bracelets are always a subtle way to flaunt your style without drawing too much attention to your jewelry, so, if you work in an office or some other place with strict dress code rules, sporting your favorite gold bracelet is a great way to still allow your style to shine through.

For fancy events and occasions, you have two options when it comes to gold jewelry for men—simple and understated or flashy and attention grabbing. If you’re attending something special like a wedding where someone else is being celebrated, it may be a good idea to opt for a piece that is less flashy so you won’t take the attention off of that person. For other types of events or just a big night out, you can break out your swaggiest piece to floss on everybody around you.

  • Make Sure Your Jewelry Complements Other Pieces

One of the biggest fashion faux pas you can make when it comes to gold jewelry for men is not matching metals. This is the quickest way to look tacky and very unstylish. If you’re rocking a yellow gold chain and you want to add a bracelet to your outfit, you must make sure it’s a yellow gold bracelet. Do not mix and match yellow gold with white gold or silver. Though we recommend keeping your metals all the same, you may be able to get away with sporting white gold and silver, as they are very similar in appearance, but check yourself before leaving the house and make sure the different pieces match.

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  • Don’t Make Your Style Too Loud

When it comes to rocking men’s gold chains, the flashier the better. We get it. Your nicest pieces are meant to convey something about your personality and your style. However, there is a line between flashy and tacky.

If you’re wearing a hoodie with a lot of patterns, you’re going to want to choose a piece of jewelry that is more toned down and subtle to draw people’s attention to the piece. Too much jewelry can be distracting and take away from the attractiveness of each necklace. You can definitely wear more than one piece of jewelry at a time—just be sure you’re not laying on too many extra pieces.

Our Favorite Gold Jewelry for Men

  • Gold Chains

From Figaro style to Cuban link, gold chains are among the most common types of jewelry for men. Many baseball players like to rock the smaller, thinner Figaro style during the game, while hip hop stars gravitate toward chains with pendants and iced out Miami Cuban links. No matter who you take style inspiration from, gold chains are an important part of men’s jewelry scene.

When learning how to wear gold jewelry for men, you should browse through the variety of gold chains available to learn more about which style suits you. If you tend to wear jewelry with your everyday casual outfits, and you don’t want anything too loud, invest in a smaller chain piece without a pendant. If you’ve been looking for something big to throw on before hitting the club, purchase an iced out chain with pendant.

  • Gold Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are subtle pieces that can complement any outfit and give you a way to express your style. Our favorite time to wear a gold bracelet is when you’re getting suited up. A Cuban link bracelet with an expensive suit can really help your outfit to shine and tell the rest of the world who’s boss. To keep that understated look, bracelets pair nicely with gold rings or a simple gold chain.

  • Men’s Rings

When looking at gold jewelry for men, consider investing in a few high-quality rings. If you have a job that doesn’t allow a lot of jewelry, rings are a great way to still sport something fashionable without getting in the way. If you’re currently engaged, you’ll also need to consider what type of wedding band you’re going to be wearing. Try on several styles and see what feels right for you.

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  • Men’s Watches

Probably the most classic men’s accessory, watches are the perfect item to sport, no matter the time or event. A great watch can take a stylish outfit to the next level. If we’re not sporting a gold bracelet with a suit, you can bet we’ve got on our best watch to elevate the classiness of our attire. Rolex has long been known as the king of watches, but an iced out Cartier piece will also turn heads anytime you walk into a room.

Flaunt Your Individual Style This Fall

There are dozens of ways to wear gold jewelry for men with your fall wardrobe. As long as you follow proper jewelry wearing etiquette, such as matching your metals and dressing for the occasion, you’ll be able to sport your favorite pieces in style. When it comes to wardrobe, go for a subtle daytime look—a gold chain with a white tee and jacket—and then break out your flossiest pieces for nighttime. Soon, you’ll have everybody asking you for fashion advice.

Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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