5 Sportswear Outfit Items a Wrestler Need

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Wrestling is one of the most popular and one of the healthiest sport on the planet earth and is practiced worldwide by athletes and professional wrestlers. This grappling sport has been around for decades and offers a plethora of mental and physical health benefits to its partakers. Have you decided to give wrestling a try? Or have already joined a training center and want to know what you need to do to effectively prepare for your first day?

We have got you covered! Surviving the first day of your training classes directly depends on the level of your preparation in regard to what you wear. Nothing says like “I’m ready” than effectively wearing all the essential wrestling gear items. To help you get ready for your wrestling practice here are the top 5 attire outfit items you need to wear.

1- Headgear

Don’t think even for a second that this sport is going to be a child’s play. It is one of the most physical sports in the world. You can get badly injured, get a concussion, fracture your bones, or broke your nose very easily if you do not wear proper safety apparel.

Protecting your head comes first. As one direct hit on your head and who knows what type of and how much damage you are going to suffer. Therefore, protecting your head before anything else is very important. Wear a heavy-duty high-quality wrestling helmet to protect your head.

2- Wear a quality singlet

Wrestling is a strict grappling sport in which if your opponent even gets a hold of your clothing they can use it against you to deliver offensive techniques. Wrestling singlets are specifically designed to be slippery and tight-fitting so an opponent cannot grab the part of clothing to deliver a stance.

Wearing a quality wrestling singlet will help you to move freely and remain comfortable during your practice sessions. However, while purchasing a wrestling singlet do check if it fits you tightly. Buying a loose singlet will make it tear easily and will not last long.

3- Mouthpiece

Before you think that you are not going for a boxing training match so why the mouthpiece? Let me inform you there is nothing as ‘too much safety’ there is always a chance of health risk or injury especially in this type of hand to hand close-combat fighting.

This sport requires fighters to move their hands and legs quickly and repeatedly to deliver stances like chokes, submissions, suplexes, and takedowns and during all these movements suffering a direct blow to the face or jaw can break your teeth in an instant. Therefore to prevent such fate it is important that you wear a mouthpiece at all times during your training sessions and matches.

4- Knee pads

Getting rashes and scratches on the matt during practice or a match is very common. However, there is more to these innocent looking scratches than meets the eye. These scratches or small cuts are a prelude to a much worse situation.

These types of cuts or scratches can leave you vulnerable to highly infectious diseases like Impetigo, ringworm, and MRSA.  These types of infections are some of the nastiest infections one can get. Therefore prevention from these diseases should be your priority.

Wearing rash guards or protective knee pads can cover your skin and protect you from getting scratches on the mat and will ultimately prevent you from such disastrous diseases.

5- Boots

You are going to move a lot on the matt and will need to move rapidly to doge the moves of your opponent and deliver some moves of your own. And you cannot effectively move unless you have the right pair of shoes or boots that are not slippery and can help you get a solid grip on the ground so you can tackle your opponent with more effectiveness.

Not wearing quality solid grip boots or shoes can make your feet uncomfortable and may make it harder for you to move quickly. Therefore always buy a high-quality pair of shoes that can keep your feet comfortable and breathable during long practice sessions or matches.

Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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