3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Bunions

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It Could Become Painful to Walk

If left untreated, bunions will continue to get worse over time. Untreated bunions continue to push the toes further out of alignment, causing discomfort and eventually pain. As your big toe begins to turn inward, your toes become crowded. When your toes are crowded together for extended periods of time, the friction causes you to develop calluses and corns between your toes.

Additionally, the bunion will likely rub against the inside of your shoe and become raw and sore. As you start to experience more pain in your feet, you will likely try to compensate by walking differently or adjusting your strides, which could have an uncomfortable effect on your hips, back, and the rest of your body.

Your Shoes Won’t Fit

Chances are, all the shoes in your closet are the same size. You bought each pair because of the way they looked and fit on your feet. From your most expensive dress shoes to your casual, worn-down sneakers, each pair has earned a spot in your closet. So how would it make you feel to have to throw every one of those shoes away?

An untreated bunion will continue to grow and the alignment of your toes will shift, which means your feet will no longer fit comfortably in your shoes.

If you find yourself shopping for new shoes to accommodate your aching feet, you’ll quickly realize that your options are more limited than ever before. You are much better off seeking out a cure for your bunions. Fortunately, surgery for bunions is minimally invasive and bunion surgery recovery is quick and easy.

It Could Turn into A Bigger Problem

If the two reasons above aren’t enough to convince you to seek treatment for your bunions, consider this: untreated bunions can develop into more serious health problems. Bunions can cause the tissues inside the joint to become inflamed. Fluid-filled pads called bursae are inside the joint and work as cushions to support the tendons and muscles. When too much stress is placed on the bursae, it leads to inflammation known as bursitis. Bursitis is an even more serious health condition that needs medical treatment.

Additional health problems that can result from untreated bunions include:

  • Metatarsalgia (inflammation at the ball of the foot)
  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Hammertoe

To ensure your bunions don’t become an even more serious problem that could potentially put your overall health at risk, seek treatment today. Treatment for bunions can range from physical therapy to surgery. If you are ready to say “enough is enough” contact an expert today to see how you can find relief from your painful and unsightly bunions.

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Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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