Bored at Home? 5 Ways You Can Kill Time During Quarantine

what to do during quarantine

The past few weeks have left us stuck at home with little to do as we patiently wait for the quarantine order to be lifted in our state and for life to go back to normal (well, somewhat normal).

For those of us working from home, finding things to do to kill time after working all day has been hard. If all you’ve been doing is endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds, watching videos and taking quizzes, it’s time to expand your horizons and find new ways to pass the time.

Check out these five ways you can kill time during the quarantine.

1. Catch Up on Reading

Do you have a shelf full of books you’ve been meaning to get around to reading? Now’s the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Whether you’re into self-help and personal development books or romance and chic lit, quarantine is the best time to check those books off your list that you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time to do so.

Get cozy in your favorite chair with a nice cup of tea and get to reading. Or, if you’re more of an eBook reader, you can get free eBooks from Barnes and Noble and the Amazon Kindle Store, or you can download them at a discounted price from sites like BookBub. If audiobooks are more your thing, you can try a free 30-day trial of Audible.

2. Online Shopping

Another way to pass the time is to shop online for the things you’ll need when “the world opens back up again.” Revamping your wardrobe is one way to go so that you can look your best once you start making plans to go see family, friends and, of course, bae.

You’ll want to look your best, and the perfect way to do that is to find a new ensemble and something sexy to go under it so that when you’re finally able to meet face to face again, you’ll be more than prepared for whatever might happen. Whether you decide to head out for the night or stay in for a home-cooked meal and a movie, you’ll be able to rock your new outfit during dinner and still be prepared for dessert.

3. Learn a New Recipe

Learning to cook new recipes is a great way to pass the time during quarantine. Finding new recipes can do more than just pass the time, though — they can also expand your pallet and help you learn a new skill (if you’re not really the cooking type). If you’ve been known to burn toast, start looking up recipes you can learn to make.

Start with simple, easy-to-make recipes that don’t feature many ingredients and then work your way up to more complex recipes as your skills improve. You can also try websites that deliver ingredients right to your door (like Blue Apron and Purple Carrot) to make the process even easier.

4. Get Back in Shape

Quarantine got you slacking when it comes to working out since all the gyms are closed? Well, you can still work out at home and stay in shape so that when the gyms reopen, you won’t have lost any progress. Buy some weights, a yoga mat or whatever kind of equipment you need and get back on track. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you have to let your exercise routine fall by the wayside. You can easily subscribe to a fitness streaming site or app made specifically for working out, like the Sculpt Society, Aaptiv or P.Volve.

5. Binge Shows and Watch Movies

After you’re done improving yourself for the day by reading, exercising and cooking up a healthy meal, catch up on some of your favorite shows or explore some new ones. See what all the hype is about by binging shows like Stranger Things (Netflix), Game of Thrones (HBO), Insecure (HBO), or Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu). Or, if you have kids in the house, head on over to Disney + to kick back and enjoy a family movie together. Perhaps an old favorite like The Lion King (the cartoon version), Finding Nemo, or Toy Story?

Finding Your Favorite Quarantine Activities

Quarantine has made day-to-day life a little boring, unmotivating and uncertain, but it doesn’t have to have the last laugh. Killing time while you’re stuck inside can be both productive and fun. Whether you decide to spend it exercising, reading, cooking or binging shows or movies, we can all get through it in our own way. Explore your options and switch things up occasionally, so you don’t go stir-crazy waiting for outside to open back up again.

Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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