Simple Tips to Help You Enjoy Exercise

how to exercise more

While we all know that exercise is important for good health, it is just not enjoyable for everyone. However, everyone can learn to at least make it bearable and somewhat enjoyable by making some simple changes.

Here are simple tips you can use to get exercising and even enjoy it:

Try new things

The exercise routine that you liked 5 years ago or even 3 months ago very well may not be what you enjoy today. Trying different types of exercise until you find what works for you will help you make your workout regime exciting and also remind you that have you have creativity in terms of how you want to exercise. What works for one person very well doesn’t have to work for another! It’s all about finding what you enjoy and what works for you.

Do a challenge

A workout challenge can help you make exercise a habit and make it fun! If you have a competitive side to you or can make it a fun competition with a friend, family member, or someone at a workout class… all the better! You could even put yourself to the test and try a 30-day workout challenge like the one on the 30-Day Fitness app for example- and see if at the end it becomes a habit.

Schedule it in your day

When exercise is part of your daily schedule, it makes it a lot easier to do as it as automatic as having your daily cup of coffee or having dinner. So schedule it in your day and be consistent so your exercise habit becomes a lifestyle habit.

Find a buddy

Having a workout buddy makes exercising more fun and it can hold you more accountable, as well. Try to find a buddy that has similar fitness goals to you so you can do the same routine and keep each other motivated.

Keep it short 

A workout doesn’t have to be an hour or hours for it to be effective and long sessions can easily lead to burnout. You can keep your workouts short, such as with a HIIT workout, but be consistent.   

Dress the part

There’s just something about having the right outfit for exercising! If you have the right exercise leggings or top, you won’t be tugging at your outfit when your focus should be elsewhere. It can also give you an extra confidence boost if you workout in something that you feel good in.   


Having your favorite music playlist ready for your workouts is essential! Have a couple different ones depending on the workout you are doing, such as an upbeat one for HIIT, one that makes you want to move for a dance workout, and one that makes you happy for a long walk or hike.

Sign up for an event

With the different classes and events available to you, signing up for an event can get you looking forward to an event on your calendar. It can also get you more motivated to practice or train for the event.

beach exercise

If you find the type (or types!) of exercise you love and stick to it, you will reap great benefits on your health and wellbeing that you will see and feel for years to come.

Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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