7 Ways to Get Your Body & Mind into the Spirit of Spring

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As spring arrives, bringing with it new beginnings and a sense of renewal, your body and mind crave a change too. Cooped up indoors all winter long, you might even be experiencing a bit of cabin fever. What you need is a change in scenery and a change in mindset.

Fortunately, there are many ways to break out of your winter shell and into this joyous and exciting new season. Ready to get into the spring spirit? From taking advantage of the fresh air wafting through an open window to enjoying a bit of warmer weather in your favorite spring clothes, here are seven ways to get your body and mind into the spirit of spring.

Declutter Your Mind and Spirit

Decluttering shouldn’t stop at spring cleaning your home. It’s also just as important to spring clean your mind and spirit as well. This time of renewal is a wonderful moment to reflect and evaluate on the past year when it comes to relationships with family and friends, as well as your work-life balance. Getting rid of negative emotions of any sort is a great way to renew your mind and get into the spirit of spring.

Take a journal and write down moments and conversations that have troubled you, and consider how to make changes. If you have a close friend who you feel has wronged you, let bygones be bygones. There’s no time like the present to reach out. However, if you feel you have a toxic relationship in your life, address the person and try to repair the situation.

Ask yourself if you feel stress and anxiety from being overworked or if you struggle to maintain everything on your plate. Decide where to draw the line and set the intention to make more time for your family and friends.

Restore Your Body’s Health

While also noticing your mind and spirit, take note of your everyday health habits. Do you eat nutritiously or get regular exercise? If, not, it might be time to reassess your well-being. For some springtime renewal, eliminate sugars, caffeine, and alcohol that make your body sluggish and make you tired. Instead, reach for detoxifying herbal teas, juices, and vegetable broths. Avoid taking on any extreme diets or exercise routines, but just be more mindful of what you’re eating and how you’re exercising.

Energize Your Body

As you restore your body’s health, you can also find ways to energize your body. It’s a real challenge to engage in activity during cold winters—but there’s no time like spring to thaw yourself out and get your blood pumping! Whether you take dance lessons or just dance in your living room to your favorite tunes, you can get your body in shape while also clearing your head of anxiety, worries, and troubles. You could even start a new yoga practice; it’s a great indoor activity during those spring rain showers!

spend more time in nature  

Appreciate Nature

One way to energize your body is to get outdoors and spend time in nature. Take a walk around the park or your local neighborhood, taking notice of the flowers in bloom and the birds chirping. Taking a walk in nature also eases the anxiety and depression that winters often bring (and leave behind). Forest bathing, especially, is wonderful for your health, releasing the same positive brain waves as meditation. Better yet, take a picnic blanket or beach towel to the park, put in your earbuds, and do some light journaling or paint with watercolors to get in touch with yourself. Absorb the sun, feel the breeze, and listen to the sounds of nature.   

Start a Creative Project

As spring arrives, take time to tap into your creativity. Start a new project or take on one you’ve been dying to try out. Not only will a new creative project give you a boost of energy, but it will also stimulate and awaken your body and mind to the spirit of spring. And there are tons of creative projects out there, from refinishing and repainting a vintage furniture piece to give it a fresh new look to putting together a scrapbook of all your adventures! You could even start a project with a friend to hold each other accountable.

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Break Out Your Spring Wardrobe

A change in wardrobe can make you feel confident and refreshed. Rotate winter coats for jean jackets and break out your spring wardrobe. Show off your graphic tees, instead of using them as a layer beneath a sweater, and wear them under a pair of overalls or favorite rugged jeans.

If you like, even treat yourself to a cute flowy boho dress, complete with a light breezy fabric of springtime pastels and floral prints. Pull out the sandals, too, if it’s already warm enough in your region. While you’re at it and letting your feet enjoy some much-needed sunshine, give yourself a pedicure. Don’t forget to accessorize too! Add some playful jewelry and always carry along a backpack for your sketchbook or journal and a tote to pick up fresh veggies from the spring farmer’s market.

Set Intentions

Last, set intentions for the year. Is there a goal you’d like to accomplish or a place you’d like to visit? Maybe you just simply need to focus internally on yourself, taking time to evaluate your overall life goals or even month-to-month goals to get your body and mind into gear.

Break down your intentions into smaller, realistic steps that you can take each month. Simply by jotting them down in a journal, you can reference them later to inspire you to continue pushing through, reaching and accomplishing your life goals. When you set intentions, you may even find a higher purpose and calling. Meditation is also a great way to get in touch with your inner self, especially as you try to reach your goals and the intentions you have set.

Disclosure: This article was written by a guest author.

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