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We’re on our way to 2020 and trends will come in and go out as usual. But there’s the holiday season and time to shop the trends of 2019 and 2020 right now that will stick around. These are seven top, fun trends to try out.


Not just any scarf. These are vintage all the way. Better yet, they are multi-functional. If you’ll spend a lot on a great looking, colorful, vintage pattern scarf, it should serve as more than just neck candy right? Today’s fashion trends give us more leeway than ever before.

You can wear it the old-fashioned way on the neck as you do with your favorite gold beads, or as a turban, waist sash, bracelet tie, bandanna, and whatever way your imagination takes you. They are a great way to express your unique personality. Are you an artist, a musician, or just an adventurous fashionista? Then vintage scarves are right up your alley.

Chain Pendants and Bracelets

You won’t be saying, “Don’t put chains on me,” when you see the classic and stylish variety of statement jewelry. Chains come big or small and in gold, silver, and platinum. They come in many colors for the costume or junk jewelry kind. They’re seen all over the runway at ¼ inch to 4 inches and sometimes more.

Statement jewelry changes every year but always seems to stick around. These are multi-functional and you can wear them with anything from formal dresses, shift dresses, or jeans and a T-shirt.

Tote Bags

Totes! What? That’s right. We’re not talking any tiny tote bags but those giant NYC looking ones that are a universe unto themselves. They aren’t just beach bag canvas either. You can sport them at every price point and a variety of materials. One of the most popular fibers you’ll find this year is raffia which is a straw-like fiber that’s placed in many of the accessories.

You can also get them in leather and other more expensive, sharp-looking materials. The price point runs from $40 or less, sometimes to the north of $100 with short or long straps. 

Flashback to Square-Toed Shoes

These were popular in the 90s when the 40s fashion came back in women’s wear. Today, they’ve revived them again only you’ll see a much more severe cut. The squarer the better, it seems, and they’re in every type of shoe. You can get them in sandals, closed-toe pumps, and boots with a tall or short heel. The price points can range from inexpensive, under $100, to the sky’s the limit. So throw together a great ensemble for every season if you dig the square heel look on you.

Hands-Free Modern Fanny Packs and More

The hands-free fashion nation is out there and you may feel a little odd in their world if you carry your money, AirPod, or lipstick in the traditional manner. So, if you can’t lick ‘em, you may as well join the hands-free fashion revolution. You can sport a holder of any kind around the waist or neck and, yes, you can even hold your lipstick in a glove. You can guarantee that they’re going to be fashionable and fit any taste depending on the designer. 

Harry Potter Jewelry Collection

You heard right, just when you thought that cult classic Harry Potter couldn’t show up anywhere else. From their famous Doby pendant to the golden snitch, Pandora has outdone themselves with their new Harry Potter collection. Available on November 28th, it could make a great holiday gift for yourself. Why not? A treat is a treat for an HP fan!


That old classic never goes out of style and they’ve made a comeback. If they’re your style, you can get them in nearly anything, from hair accessories to gold, silver, and platinum inset pearl earrings. The choices fit all tastes. A pearl necklace is also in-trend as it has been for decades. Pearls are great when you want to wear a basic outfit and dress it up without the extra expense

Not a fan of pearls? Well, then consider girl’s best friend – diamonds! Whether you prefer trendy hoops or just a pair of classic diamond studs, you will have that perfect touch of luxe sparkle wherever you go.

These are only seven of the trends for 2019 and 2020. Most of them are available right now for you to start a new collection. 

Disclosure: This sponsored article was written by a guest author.

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