Sweater Weather: Cozy Outfit Ideas for Fall

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Did you know that fall is the favorite season of most Americans, with 29 percent of people choosing it as their preferred time of year? Maybe we’re biased, but we think this has something to do with the fact that autumn gives us the opportunity to totally cozy up and get comfy. Sweaters, hoodies, leggings galore—there is basically nothing better than a well- rounded fall wardrobe.

If you’re excitedly awaiting the chill so you can wrap yourself up in layers of soft, warm fabrics, join us in coming up with some awesome outfit ideas to help speed things up!

But first: logistics. What do you need to build the perfect fall wardrobe? Luckily, the answer probably includes things you already have in your closet. Simple items in heavier materials are a good pick, as they can be paired with your statement accessories.

Consider things like solid-colored tees and sweaters and make sure you’ve got your denim and legging strategy down, too. Finally, line up a pair of fall boots for every ensemble. We recommend grabbing a pair in black and brown so you have an option to go with any look you can imagine. And now for the fun part…some dreamy fall outfits!

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1. An Autumn-Colored Vest + Ripped Jeans—Fall is vest season, and we encourage taking full advantage of it! We’re wild about the easy but chic look above featuring a crisp, white base with cute ripped jeans and stylish booties. The cherry on the top, though, is the ultra-versatile vest, which creates a practical, layered look that’s apropos for whatever’s on the agenda.

fall sweater dresses


2. A Sweater Dress + Over-the-Knee Boots—We can’t be the only ones counting down the days until we get to break out our best sweater dress! This seasonal staple adds warmth, structure and style wherever it goes, from the winery to a football game. Rock your sweater dress with some OTK boots á la Ariana Grande if you want to give the classic sweater some trendy edge.

monogrammed sweater


3. A Monogrammed Sweatshirt + Solid Leggings—Something about the monogram just feels completely and totally fall, especially when it’s added to something warm. Grab a cute and casual monogrammed sweatshirt to bring some personalized charm to your sleek skinny jeans or leggings.

plaid sweater style


4. A Plaid Pullover + Equestrian Boots—Can you tell we love preppy style? The plaid pullover is one of those cold-weather staples that you can wear basically anywhere the season takes you, especially when paired with some equestrian boots that are ideal for trips to the farm, the orchard or the pumpkin patch.

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5. A Graphic Tee + A Solid-Colored Cardigan—“Pumpkin spice and chill,” “Flannels and lattes,” “Fall in love.” There are so many sweet fall-themed graphic tees out there that it’ll be hard to choose just one.

Styling your sweet graphic t-shirt with a comfy, solid-colored cardigan is the perfect way to make your fave fall look even more comfortable and versatile when it’s chilly out. Or, if you’re worried about getting chilly, look for a long-sleeved tee in a cool fall theme.

distressed animal print sweater


6. A Distressed Sweater + Ripped Jeans—We think that now’s the time of year to unleash your inner rockstar! Something about the leather boots, bomber jackets and denim makes us want to go edgy. To nail this look, opt for an intentionally distressed sweater or top to style with your holiest pair of jeans. You can also channel your inner rocker by layering with a leather or denim jacket.

7. A Long-Sleeved Jumpsuit + Ankle Booties—As far as ease goes, few garments rank as high as the jumpsuit. It’s as easy as tossing it on, accessorizing and going about your merry way. Start with a long-sleeved, full-length jumpsuit in a chic fall hue—we’re gushing over army green and burgundy this year—and pair it with a pair of soft suede booties for a supremely posh ensemble.

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8. A T-Shirt Dress + An Oversized Scarf—Anything that can be used to lay the foundation for a chunky, oversized scarf is A-OK with us during the fall and winter months. When autumn first rolls around, style your sheer and lighter weight scarves with breezy cotton tee dresses. Once it starts to get a little colder, you can transition with some thick tights and a heavy, fleece scarf.

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9. A Plaid Button-Up + Classic Jeans—As much as we love shaking things up, it’s never a bad idea to keep a couple of classics in the rotation, too. As far as fall goes, nothing’s more timeless than a soft flannel button-up. The ideal pick for any outdoor adventure, your plaid and jeans can be effortlessly layered with puffy vests, quilted jackets and all the sweetest scarves of the season.

10. Your Favorite Hoodie + Jeans—Maybe it’s not the most fashion forward look in the world, but your fave hoodie is the go-to when you feel like vegging out in total comfort. Luckily, some of our favorite brands have realized the power of the hoodie, so there are lots of cute options out there for jazzing up a laid-back look.

Outfits for the Best Fall Activities

What makes a good fall outfit? It’s anything you feel comfortable in while you’re romping around the vineyard, taking a long Sunday drive to spot the changing leaves, posting up in the stands at a football game or sipping your pumpkin spice latte on the patio. It’s anything that feels comfy, cozy and soul-warming while also playing into your unique sense of style. Happy autumn!

Disclaimer:  This article was written by a guest author.

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