8 Jobs That Give Back to the Community

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It can be hard to choose the right career, but if you love to give back to people, then going into a career that does this is a great idea for you. This field of work won’t only be enjoyable, but it will help the people around you. Your work can really make a difference and change so many lives (in a good way of course).

There are a number of volunteer opportunities when it comes to giving back to the community, but unfortunately, many of us need to earn a decent wage to get by these days. Luckily for you, there isn’t a shortage of career choices out there. To help you make your decision on what career to pursue, here are eight jobs you should consider going into if you want to give back to your community.

Adoption Case Manager

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child smile. If this is something that warms your heart, then a job as an adoption case manager could be perfect for you. In America, there are thousands of children who are looking for a family and a forever home.

As an adoption case manager, you will be able to help these children find their perfect home and a family that they can be part of for the rest of their lives. It can be emotionally draining and heartbreaking at times, but the feeling you will get when you see a little one you have been closely working with go to a loving home will make it all worth it.

Senior Life Enrichment Coordinator

This career is perfect for understanding and creative people who enjoy working with older adults. You get to spend your time making senior citizens smile and keeping them company.

The role consists of planning and leading a variety of fun trips and activities for seniors who live in assisted living centers, while providing care and tending to the needs of every individual in the center.  You need to be caring and well-organized for this position.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A job as any kind of nurse isn’t for everyone, but it is an extremely rewarding field to go into. A family nurse practitioner works with other specialists to help co-manage the condition of their patients and are there to provide case management for a host of long-term injuries and illnesses.

For this role, you should look into accredited online nurse practitioner programs. Making the decision to enroll on an accredited online nurse practitioner program rather than go to college saves you a lot of money and allows you to study at your own pace.

Special Education Teacher

If you are a patient and detail-oriented individual, you are able to motivate students, have an understanding of people with special needs, and accept these differences in others, then a career as a special education teacher may be the one for you.

The role includes providing education to children who face a number of challenges, both inside and outside the classroom. This can be a tough career and can take a lot of work, but once you get going, this career path can provide you with a lifetime of fulfillment.


A sick pet is a heartbreaking sight. Not only is it horrible to see a poorly animal, but the worry and sadness it can bring to a family can be equally hard to watch. When any kind of animal falls sick or gets injured, then every family will put all their faith in their vet to save the lives of their fluffy family friend.

You need brains to be a veterinarian. It takes a lot of time and studying to obtain this qualification and the job itself is very demanding. You will be required to work long hours throughout the week, but if you love animals and love what you do, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Shelter Chef

Cooking is a fun hobby to have and when you are actually good at it, you can go far in life. If you are a culinary genius, but you want to give back to your community, then becoming a shelter chef may be the way to go.

You will be responsible for planning, preparing and cooking up to three full meals a day for up to hundreds of hungry people. For this role, you will need to be brave, have a big heart and you need to be well-organized and resourceful.

Emergency Responder

Working as an emergency responder isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. Examples of an emergency responder are police officers, firefighters or paramedics. Going into this field of work is more than just a job; you will literally be protecting and saving lives every day.

You will also be providing care to people in a way that will last the person in your care a lifetime. The qualifications you need will depend on what field you want to go to and what level of that field you want to apply for. Once you know, you will be able to get the relevant education for this life-changing role.

Human Rights Advocate

All over the world, the struggle for equality is raging, and advocates for human rights are the ones who are on the frontline when it comes to the fight for equality. Human right advocates are working towards all races, genders, ethnicities, children etc., to have the same basic human rights.

If you decide to follow this career path, you will be there to provide a voice for those who are finding it hard to get heard. This job is very rewarding and can truly make a difference to the lives of millions of people, both locally and worldwide.

Many jobs that give back can be very hard on the people who work to keep the people in their community safe, looked after and happy, but it is very rewarding in the long run. If you do decide to go for one of the above roles, make sure you thoroughly research the role to make sure it is the right job for and to ensure you have the relevant qualifications and experience for the role.

Disclaimer:  This article was written by a guest author.

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