How to Combine Style & Comfort in Autumn

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Autumn is a tricky time of year for fashion, mainly because the weather outside is in that awkward transition from summer warmth to winter chill with a bit of wind and rain thrown in for fun. The challenge is to find outfits which provide enough flexibility while still looking stylish.

The answer is, of course, to embrace the art of layering. When layering an outfit, it’s crucial that each individual garment fits your body, as oversized or crushed fabrics can make you appear boxy or a little too casual. Layers provide not only the opportunity to mix classy neutrals with designs which express your personality, but also enable you to adjust your outfit through the day as you need to.

Here are some key steps to follow to make your wardrobe the perfect balance of comfort and style this autumn.

Start with a simple foundation layer

Your foundation layer should be the bulk of your outfit, but it’s important that it fits you well and is light enough not to make you too warm. For example, it could be a dress, tunic, jumpsuit, or shirt with long sleeves, whatever makes you feel most stylish. It’s best if you go for block colors or simple patterns which are easy to coordinate with other layers like stripes or plaid.

Add a second layer for warmth and style

Your next layer is where the comfort comes in. By adding a sweater, cardigan, or even a tailored waistcoat over your top or dress, you can start to add more color and texture to the outfit. This layer is adding another level of warmth and should be close to your body, but not as form-fitting as the foundation layer. If it’s particularly cold outside, you may choose to add a third layer which you can remove when you’re inside to give you even more flexibility.

Finish with high-quality outerwear

The outerwear is your final layer and when you’re out and about will be most of what people see, so it makes sense to invest a bit more in a coat or jacket to finish the look. The outerwear you choose should work with the rest of your outfit but also add some personality to your look. Whether it’s a trench coat, faux fur, leather jacket, puffer or cape, the style of coat you choose will come down to your personal taste.

There are over 350 styles of coats in the new collection coming soon from, so take your time choosing the one which offers comfort and style. Remember, each piece of your outfit should be balanced in terms of length and weight as well as balanced in terms of color, texture, and print.

Add the accessories

Finally, you can add the finishing touches by choosing a couple of accessories. This could be statement jewelry, a funky hat, scarf, or your shoes because even the simplest items can make or break an outfit. They can add extra pops of color and texture, which will make your outfit truly unique.

Disclaimer:  This article was written by a guest author.

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