How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck When Purchasing A New Purse

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Most women consider their purses to be as essential to their wardrobes as their shoes and blouses. Not only can a nice handbag enhance your personal style but it is also allows you to carry around all of your valuable items that you can’t be without – from your cell phone to your lipstick. However, a nice purse does not come cheap.

That is why we have compiled the following tips to help you get the best bang for your buck when buying a new purse. After all, you want your hard-earned money to work for you when purchasing your next handbag.  

Luxury or Designer Handbags Can Often Save You Money

That may sound like a strange statement to make, but it is often true. While a low quality purse might be cheap, it usually won’t last for long. Here is why it often pays to choose quality instead of low price.

Durability Matters

Many women spend years carrying low-quality, cheap vinyl purposes around because they don’t think they can afford a nice handbag. They think that purchasing a luxury purse is a waste of money.  However, what they don’t realize is that a well-made handbag made out of leather or other quality materials can last a very long time.

You won’t have to worry about the threads or straps breaking or the seams splitting. A good quality purse can last for many years and still look fantastic.     

A Quality Purse Holds Its Re-Sale Value

When you purchase a luxury purse you are not just buying something, you are actually making an investment. Not only are you buying an accessory that will be an essential part of your wardrobe for a very long time, but you will also be purchasing an item that will retain a percentage of its value which means you can resell it to recoup part of your money.

That way, if you do want to replace your designer purse, you can always re-sell it used and get good money for it and use that to help you purchase a new quality handbag.

Good Customer Service

Another good reason to purchase a quality purse instead of a cheap one is customer service.  Usually, designer brands will be backed by good customer service, so if you have any problems with your bag you can get it fixed or receive a refund for your purchase. The same is not true when you purchase a cheap purse.

Cost Savings

Many women will buy 10 to 12 purses a year costing $30 to $50 each, so they may be spending about $400 to $600 on purses a year. However, buying one or two quality handbags could end up costing the same or less and these handbags will last for many years.

So a higher priced purse may actually cost you less than several cheap purses that might only last a few months. So after five years of buying high quality purses, you could have 5 to 10 quality pieces that are still in good shape, and some of them could even be sold to help pay for your next one!  

How To Get A Quality Handbag For Less

There are obviously a number of benefits to investing in a high quality purse. But many women may still hesitate spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a luxury handbag. However, there are ways to invest in a designer brand without breaking the bank to get an even bigger bang for your buck.

The first is to look for sales. Many leading handbag brands have sales quite often. So it is definitely a good idea to keep an eye out for sales. Some of these brands include Michael Kors, Coach, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.   

Many department stores also have designer handbags on sale quite often. You can purchase them either in their retail stores or online. Some good places to look include Overstock, Saks, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Macy’s.  

Buy Used

Remember how we discussed that designer handbags retain their value. You can purchase a great luxury handbag at consignment stores like Plato’s Closet, online at places like eBay, and many other places to find a quality handbag at a very reduced price. Just make sure to check the condition carefully to make sure it is still in good shape.    

Classic Style

If you want to purchase a designer purse and get the most out of your money, try to choose a handbag that is likely to stay in style rather than something more trendy. Many classic purses can be worn for years and years without ever going out of style. This will give you even more bang for your buck.

Your Personal Style

Another style consideration is to make sure that you choose a style of purse that is well-suited for your needs and preferences. You are much more likely to use a purse for a long time if it is one you love and that fits your needs and personal lifestyle.

Quality of Construction

Always make sure to only buy well-made purses. Make sure the bag is made out of quality materials and features high quality construction.  

Customer Service and Guarantee

Choose a brand that stands behind their purses such as Coutureusa. Check their customer service record and what they offer in the event you run into any problems with your handbag. Check for reviews online to find out more about brands and specific models of purses to make sure that you choose a quality purse and quality brand to invest in.

So there are all our best tips on how to get the best bang for your buck when buying a new purse. Always choose quality over low price, because in the end you will save money and be much happier with your purchase. Make sure to do your research on brands, styles and models of purses to ensure that you get the handbag that best fits your personal needs and sense of style.

And finally, look for deals to save money and get even more value out of your next new purse!

Disclosure: This article was provided by a guest author.

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