Why A Prom Is So Important and Special?

reasons to go to the prom

Promenade, prom or JSProm (whatever it is being called) is very important and special because it’s the best and splendid night of high school life. A student can only attend this event once or twice during high school (that will be during the junior year and/or senior year). In addition, prom is a rite of passage for high school students and signals that summer break is just around the corner.

Hence, as a student who can only attend this event once or twice, normally, girls spend much on their perfect prom dresses, spending months searching for the right shoes and dresses and even the perfect date. They hop from one boutique to another or even shop online. This would seem too stressful for her especially if this is the first time searching for a formal dress to wear. How then is it special or important?

Social Advantages

This event is an ideal way to help the juniors and seniors practice their social skills outside the classroom. It is when they think of social concepts and plans on how to invite a partner to the dance or friends to attend as a group. It is basically where they learn how to converse and mingle with people, they are acquainted with, as well as, the strangers to them.

Responsibility Perks

The school administrators do not need to worry about younger students messing up the night as the population is just for juniors and seniors. There might be chances for the juniors and seniors to get into trouble meanwhile they are more likely to think more of the dance and yearn to get the most out of this once or twice prom in a lifetime.

Safety Leverage

Limiting prom to juniors and seniors only would allow the administrators, teacher and chaperones to oversee just 2 levels. This would be easier for them to monitor each student’s after-prom activity. Students do not usually want to be monitored meanwhile this will be for their security as most of them have plans for college as well as to avoid any irresponsible behaviors that may compromise their future plans.

Rite of Passage Rewards

The dance would be the reward of the students for their hard work and school attendance for over the past three to four years. This is also considered the last big, formal high school event. This gives the students a chance to celebrate high school achievements and socialize with their friends in a formal setting. Hence with this chance the students are given, they make sure to be dressed beautifully and with glamour as each of them may be aiming to be the prom king and prom queen.

Passing of the key of Responsibility

Prom allows students to carry themselves with confidence while wearing their best suits and stunning prom dresses. Aside from fun, the event marks the progressing of the students to young adulthood with its responsibilities. For some countries, this is an occasion for the juniors to salute the achievements of the seniors while the seniors hand down the mantle of leadership to juniors.

Parents’ Excitement

Parents must be so excited to send you to prom especially if you are someone who never gets involved in anything. With that being said, you might not have any problems with what to wear as they will have everything ready for you- that includes your prom dress, your shoes and your accessories. It must be the first and the last time they will see you dressed up on your high school life. Once you reach college, it will then be a different story to them.

Prom itself

Prom will be a time of relaxation. For girls, it will be like a Cinderella Ball. You will be dressed up like a doll and your date shows up. You will be aiming for that crown to be a prom queen. For guys, it will be like a white-collar gala, walking around so fresh, with their best suits.

Disclaimer: This article is written by guest author.

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