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Anguilla, one of the best beaches in the laid-back little British Overseas boasts of the softest and whitest sands imaginable. With a long list of luxury properties, the Caribbean island boasts an A-list guest. Here you’ll find warm people, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine.

You will find a train of mega yachts during the high season. Dine with the rich and famous at some of Caribbean’s most reputable restaurants. Well, this is your opportunity not just to enjoy a great vacation but dress up in style. Create lifelong memories and leave a lasting impression and get ready for a luxury vacation in Anguilla!

Anguilla means splitting your day between the beach, the pool, and dining. So, make sure you carry all you need and have the right attire for every occasion to impress. You need to make some time for wardrobe planning for the day, evening and night. There are a plethora of lavish villas and many upmarket restaurants. Anguilla boasts of comfortable temperatures all year round and the peak season lasts from December to mid-April. Anguilla enjoys the title as the best island across the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Caribbean.

The beaches
One should not miss out on the numerous, pristine white beaches of the island. There are 33 gorgeous beaches and incredible resorts. You can go for Scuba diving or snorkeling and explore the surrounding coral reefs teeming with sea life Shoal Bay East is considered for excellent snorkeling and the island’s colorful marine life. There are seven different marine parks where the divers can check out historical shipwrecks. When on the beaches, you can wear your bathing suit or shorts. 

Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and straw hat as well as comfortable wedges. A stylish off shoulder blouse too is a good option. Sunglasses and hats are staples as they offer the required protection for sun as well as look chic. Some either popular beaches are Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay, and Dune Preserve. Explore the paradise in Anguilla and those calm waters of the most tranquil and picturesque beaches ever.

Dine in style
You can lodge at one of those luxurious waterfronts on Anguilla that boast of plenty of restaurants. You can enjoy a three-course candlelight dinner. Step out in style in your best evening gown. Mango’s Seaside Grill and Tasty’s are a big favorite with the holidaymakers when it comes to dining on the beach side.

Bayside Grill offers a great ocean view from the patio as well as plenty of seafood. You will love their Herb Battered Fish Sandwich. The east spot for sunset cocktails is the Sunset Lounge at the Viceroy Anguilla.

Watch the sun go down over Meads Bay as you sip on a cocktail. If planning a romantic dinner, then head for Pimms at Cap Juluca. Enjoy your dinner in the soft candlelight and hear the waves crashing under. Consider booking lunch at Sandy Island if looking forward to a memorable meal as well as an ultimate island experience. You will enjoy your lunch date as well as the lobster and rum punch.

Heritage Collection museum
Heritage Collection museum covers every inch of Anguilla history, right from Anguilla’s geology, the Arawaks, hidden caves and Anguilla’s sugar industry. Enjoy looking at a large amount of artifacts times to silverware, washing boards, and cooking pots. The room dedicated to Anguilla’s revolution is one of the most exciting rooms. 

You can wear comfortable and cool clothes. A lightweight chambray shirt paired with shorts and Panama hat will keep you comfortable as you explore the museum or the island. Another good option is a strapless maxi dress that will make you look hot while keeping you cool. Chic shorts and pretty blouses are the way to travel in style while in Anguilla. Heritage Collection museum indeed offers a full spectrum of Anguilla’s rich heritage and is must visit.

Anguilla horseback riding
Horseback riding on the beach has been on Anguilla activities bucket for a long time now. The horses are friendly and beautiful. It is indeed a unique experience to ride on those enormous creatures right in the middle of the water. Feel the warmth of the sun, the sand, and the sea as you get a new perspective of the sea high in the saddle. Those horses will take you right into the water for a refreshing swim.

Horseback riding is most popular on the Cove Bay which is one of the calmest and biggest beaches here. You can wear something short and comfortable. Be aware as you are likely to get wet. Nice shorts are just perfect everywhere on the island. You are sure to love the beautiful hour-long ride, and it is indeed a true treat ever for the beginners.

Enjoy Great Music
Wherever you go in Anguilla, you are sure to find musical talent and just about any time. There is always a great act going on at a nearby bar or restaurant, any day or night. Deanna Mussington playing at Darvin’s Place is a great favorite. Another of the island’s most prominent music star Bankie Banx plays at his delightful bar, Dune Preserve.

You can hear Banx’s son Omari Banks weekly gig on Sunday afternoon at the da’Vida Beach Bar. Ladies can dress in casuals, and for men, they can be practical and wear shorts. Khaki pants look great on both men and women. As far as evening wear goes, there is no need to wear anything formal.  For the formal occasion, men can wear a collared shirt.

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