How Men Can Look Sharp without Breaking the Bank

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Men want to look sharp. Whether it’s buying a motorcycle, or showing off a new home remodel to the co-workers, girlfriend, and family, there’s many ways in which men can boast an impressive image to the world. But sometimes, those expensive ways of enhancing your image are not always affordable nor even recommended. After all, what if you end up in a motorcycle accident and need to call a motorcycle accident lawyer? Sometimes the more extravagant ways end up being the most costly.

You want to look sharp, but you may not have the money to do so. Don’t worry—there is a way to get the look without breaking the bank.

This isn’t about secondhand shopping either—not that there’s anything wrong with thrift store (you can definitely find some gems in those racks), but these suggestions just aren’t about that. These tips will show you how to make effective and well-informed purchases that will meaningfully contribute to your wardrobe.

  • Only Buy Clothing You Need

When you go shopping, it’s easy to be tempted by items that look fancy or items that you feel will look good on you. And besides, the amount of cash you will save comes from the discount you might get, right?  Not quite—you will save the most money by only buying the clothing items that you absolutely need.

When shopping, you tend to reason with yourself on why you need particular items even though they are not the reason that you came to the store for. When this happens, you will try to convince yourself that you need a large suit jacket that is on sale in your closet when you wear a medium.

It’s a great deal: the item was 50% off and you really liked it. But, when and where are you going to wear an oversized suit jacket? The store has tricked you into buying an item you don’t need when you could have spent less money on just the item you did need.

  • Learn More About Menswear

The best way to avoid buying items you do not need is to know what you do need. The best way to know is to learn. Search the web for articles about menswear, sign up for a menswear store’s email list, or find someone whose style fits your aesthetic. By following these guides, you will learn a little something every day about menswear that will help you determine what clothing items you need to buy.

  • Create a List of All the Clothing You Need to Purchase

You want to make a list of every article of clothing that you need in your wardrobe at this moment. This list will allow you to evaluate what you need, mark your progress, and give you the chance to alter your style when you see fit.

A list will help you from getting overwhelmed when you head out to purchase more clothes. It will narrow your focus down to getting just one item instead of rushing to buy every item you think you need.

When you create your list, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Where are you wearing these clothes? What’s is your job and will you be able to wear these clothes to work? Does the style you chose match the environment you live in? Are your clothes appropriate for your activities? For instance, if you are an avid outdoorsman, do you have the right hiking and camping gear to be adventurous and safe? Ask these questions and others to fully grasp what you should include in your list.

Most importantly, a list narrows your focus to what you need and gets rid of the things that you just want.

  • Check the Return Policy

Shopping online is convenient, so there is no reason that you shouldn’t utilize it. However, you have to be careful with what you buy because there are some items that you cannot return if they do not fit properly.

In stores, this type of thing is less of a problem, but there are still those weird cases where they won’t let you return certain items. Be sure you are on good terms with those who work at the store that you frequently visit. This way if any issues do arise, you’ll be able to solve them quickly without much help.

  • Don’t Be Tricked by the Hype

During holidays, such as Black Friday, Labor Day Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and even Halloween, there will be sales that will try to entice you to buy things. Walking into a store during the sale season and expecting to come out a winner is like playing slot machines and casino games online: the likelihood of you winning are random and based on luck and chance, and the house won’t always go in your favor.

Retailers use these sales to trick you into buying something at the sales price and a bunch of other stuff at regular price. To not be tricked by this, it follows the same line of buying only what you need.

If what you need is on sale, then go ahead and buy it but get nothing else. Stick to your checklist, and you will not be swayed by the appeal of these holiday sales. With all these tricks, you will be able to save money as well as upgrade your wardrobe.

The Takeaway

Of course, none of this will save you money in the bank if you aren’t able to even open up a checking account. And if that’s what you’re struggling with, you may want to look into how to get out of ChexSystems.

However, if you do have a bank account but are simply struggling to budget, by following these tips, you can achieve a sharp look without wasting your money. With that money saved, you can budget and save up for larger, more rewarding purchases like a mattress for the bachelor pad (or your home if you’re married), or an implantable collamer lens surgery for lifelong improved eyesight. Whatever your big purchase dreams may be, you’ll be able to save for them by budgeting wisely while fine-tuning your sharp wardrobe.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by a guest author.

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