Heading Out to Play? Here’s what you Need to Know

how to dress for casino

If you visit Las Vegas for the weekend or any other big city famous for its gaming venues on either side of the ocean, your trip won’t be complete without a night spent at a casino.

While casinos are no longer the melting pot of rich and powerful people – today they are open for everyone, with no regard to the color of their blood – they are still often quite prestigious places, where an attire that’s not by their standards will not only make you stand out (the wrong way) but can even cause the embarrassing situation of being kept outside for the night. And this is something you want to avoid.

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Casino dress codes

If you’re heading to a real life gaming venue, though, make sure to check whether they have a dress code. Some casinos are “traditionalists”, requiring their patrons to observe a more or less strict dress code. Others only require their visitors to be dressed in a certain way when they have special events, like fundraisers for example, where a black tie attire is usually a requirement.

When going out to a casino, a casual, smart casual, dressy casual, perhaps even a business casual attire will do just fine. Denim is OK for both sexes, and in some places, even Bermuda shorts, Capris, and cargo shorts will do. Unless there is a clear indication of an attire, you’ll be safe with a skirt, a blouse, and sandals – forget athletic wear and overly provocative pieces, though.

Casino etiquette

Casinos have an awful lot of rules, most of them written, others unwritten, that you should observe when going out for a night of gaming. Among these, there is the one referring to not acting out, not disturbing the other patrons, not being overly loud when losing (this is inevitable, they are called games of chance for a reason).

Surprising as it may sound, though, cheering when you win is perfectly OK. As a general rule for evenings spent playing: never ever play when you are drunk, unless your goal is to make a fool of yourself and end up with your pockets empty. Otherwise, adhering to your usual – civilized – behavior will do just fine.

Disclosure: This article is provided by a guest author.

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