Beautiful Outfits That Will Make You Comfortable On Busy Days

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The perfect dream outfit for me would be one that is super stylish and yet super comfortable too. While it’s hard to find this combination, it is nonetheless an absolute necessity for women, especially on busy days.

We all have those days when the workload and hectic routine make us extremely tired and we simply wish that we could just spend the whole day in our pyjamas, I’m sure that you got the picture. That is why the outfit ideas that we present today are designed especially for women who are in need of beautiful and comfy outfits to keep up with their busy routines whether its at work, college or at home.

Look for the Right Fitting

A well-tailored outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be body fitted. So when shopping, look for dresses, shirts, pants and other clothing essentials that have a nice shape and yet give your skin some room to breathe. Tunics for instance are not just airy, but also look beautiful and stylish on girls of all shapes and ages.

So look for similar tops that will keep you at ease, no matter how long your day gets. If you just can’t give up loose clothing, then one great trick for looking cute in them is by showing some skin – so when buying loose fitted pants, opt for cropped or Capri trousers instead of full length ones.

Chic and Cozy in Maxi Skirts

If you are looking for a modest, stylish and comfortable outfit, your first choice definitely has to be a maxi skirt. These skirts are perfect since they keep you covered and you can pair them up with a number of different tops. You could go for t-shirts, dress shirts, jackets or even a short dress.

Keeping the spring time in mind, I especially recommend wearing a floral maxi skirt and pairing it with any solid coloured tank top. Or you could just wear your favourite and simplest white top with it for the cosiest feeling, without compromising on your style.

Add Life to boring Outfits

Dressing in your most favourite and comfortable outfits can often give you a sloppy look. For example, the items in my closet, which make me feel most relaxed, are the ones with least embellishments, loose fittings and neutral coloured palette.

If you can relate to this, then what you need to know is that you can brighten up these boring outfits by adding a simple print like a striped shawl, a navy blue belt or a bright coral red handbag. Such accessories will instantly make your slouchy outfit appropriate for public wear and also add some spring vibes to it.

Make a Statement

Here is another way to make a statement with the most ordinary looking outfits – layering them with statement pieces such as coats, jackets or blazers. These items are so chic and vibrant that they stand out on their own. On lazy days, you can just wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt, layer them with one of these and you’re ready to rush out the door.

Last but not the least, no matter what the occasion is, if you are not comfortable in heels or stilettos, don’t wear them. You never really need high heels to look good. The truth is that you can look even better in flats if you plan your outfit the right way. As long as you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful and you definitely won’t feel beautiful with feet that hurt.

I hope you will be able to make the most out of these ideas. Have a great spring!

Disclosure: This article is provided by a guest author.

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