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There are a plethora of fashion blogs.  The blogosphere of fashion and style blogs is certainly oversaturated even going back a few years.  Along with fierce competition, it is easier now than ever to expand various fashion marketing ideas thanks to advancement of technology, specifically, social media.

First, you must standout among the crowd especially if you are a personal style blogger since there are an endless numbers of blogs popping up and also disappearing each day.  Consider a niche-specific style blog.  It could be work fashion or swimsuits… so many options to choose from.  You just have to be creative and be an expert in your specific niche.

Secondly, tell your stories.  People gravitate towards personal experiences including fashion.  Share your stories not only on your blog but also on social media – use them as mini blogging platforms.  Focus on videos as live action continues gaining more momentum.  Take advantage of easy instagram features to upload both of your images and videos.

Lastly and most importantly, you must enjoy it!  The process outweighs the results.  If you love what you do whether it’s a fashion blog or accounting, your success will go beyond the financial rewards!

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