5 Tips to Taking Great Smartphone Selfies

tips on selfie photography

Taking and posting selfies on social media can be a great way to share your adventures with your friends and family.  Gone are the days when you had to ask a friend or accommodating stranger to take your picture – and then wait for the roll of film to be developed.  Now, all it takes is a steady arm (or selfie stick!) and a smartphone to snap photos of yourself, any time and virtually anywhere.

Of course, as you have probably seen time and time again on Facebook and the like, there are good selfies, and then there are bad selfies.  As in, selfies that are blurry, with bad lighting, with goofy duck lips that don’t really show anything in the background… and the list goes on.  Fortunately, with some pre-planning, the right equipment and some creativity, it is more than possible to take terrific selfies.

Get a Great Smartphone

Capturing post-worthy selfies definitely requires a great smartphone camera.  If your mobile phone is several years old, you may wish to upgrade to a newer model that has a much better camera.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from T-Mobile features a 12 MP rear facing and 5 MP front facing camera, which is consistently rated as one of the best cameras on any smartphone.  So you know what that means: better phone, better selfies.

Go for a Tight Shot

One thing that most selfies share in common is the picture taker’s arm hogging much of the photo.  In addition, whatever is going on behind you can be distracting.  Unless you are taking a selfie in front of a national monument or other scenic wonder, crop in as tight as you can to show only your face in the shot.  Holding a phone really close to your face can make your nose look bigger than you want, so Improve Photography suggests zooming in a bit with your phone and then holding it a bit farther away – this will help to keep your features looking lovely and in the correct proportions.

Look Natural

For some reason, people who are taking selfies often decide to make the classic duck face. Let’s face it – no pun intended – you have probably seen enough human duck bills to last you for years.  Stand out in the selfie crowd by smiling naturally, or use a prop like a great hat or sunglasses to make your photos stand out.

Watch Your Lighting

A high quality selfie needs good lighting.  If you can, go for natural light, such as standing by a window with the light in front of you or outside at a park. Remember not to stand with the sunlight behind you; this will make you look like a dark shadow.  If you can, suggests Joe McNally from Nikon USA, use a mix of natural and ambient lighting for a balanced look.

Think Outside of the Box, er, Face

While most selfies are of faces, why not up the ante a bit and take a photo of your hands, feet or wrist?  If you are at the beach, consider a shot of your polished tootsies partially buried in the sand.  If you have treated yourself to an amazing holiday-themed manicure, get a close up of your gorgeous nails with maybe a Christmas tree in the background.  A nice shot of your new Fit Bit on your wrist with pine trees behind it will let viewers know you are ready to hit the trail for your hike.

Disclosure:  This article is provided by a guest author.

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