Bath Time is Relaxing Time

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I recently came across a special on bath time goodies so I decided to truly spoil myself for a change.  With some wonderful discount coupons I got from for Nordstrom I was able to splurge on several goodies from scented bath oils and candles to delectably soft terrycloth bath towels.  And it came in pretty handy because yesterday I had one of those stressful, restless days.

After a day like that I was craving a long luxurious bath.  This is how I plan exactly how to go about my perfect relaxing bath.

Add a scented bath oil
There is no questioning the effectiveness of aromatherapy and when you combine it with the deliciousness of a hot bath, well the effect is amazing.  I’m a fan of certain floral scents like lavender and jasmine for the ultimate relaxing blend.  If you don’t like to use proper bath oil then about 5-8 drops of essential oil added when the bath is half full is perfect.

Bath salts
If you’re suffering from any kind of muscle soreness, cramping (ouch!) or swelling then bath salts are a fantastic choice.  The salts in the water stimulate the ions in your blood which reduces inflammation and increases circulation.

Setting the water temperature
Now the theory is that 92°F is the perfect temperature for a relaxing bath but I think it depends on the person.  I like my water to be hot (great for my sore back) while my bff prefers lukewarm.  Whatever temperature works for you, use the inside of your wrist to test the water as it will give a better indication than your fingertips.

Set the mood
The lights in bathrooms are normally quite bright and glaring – understandable as the bathroom is one of your first stops in the morning and the bright lights are a kind of get up and go stimulation.  But when you want to relax it is better to light a few candles and leave the overheads off.  The soft glow creates soothing ambiance.

Cool refreshments
When you’re having a nice steamy bath you start to sweat, although you probably won’t notice it while you’re in the water.  You’re raising your core temperature with the hot water as well so to balance it out have some cold water on hand.  I like to have a big glass of cool mint green tea.  It’s so deliciously refreshing!

Home spa treatments
Your skin and hair love the steamy environment you’ve created so take this opportunity to give them the treatment you don’t normally have time for.  You could make your own face mask with olive oil, then use a little of the oil as a hair conditioner and leave it to soak for at least 15 minutes.  Make sure to wash it out thoroughly though, or your hair will look greasy!

Keep it luxurious
When you’ve been pampering yourself in the tub there is nothing quite as unpleasant as having to wrap yourself in a threadbare towel or your ancient cotton robe.  Try to have at least one luxurious, buttery-soft towel on hand which you save for these special occasions.

Maintain the mood
Just because your bath is done, it doesn’t mean you have to stop relaxing now. Turn off the phone, carry the candles into the sitting room or your bedroom, put on some soft music and enjoy doing nothing until bedtime.  Or snuggle up on the couch with a soft throw, a handful of candies, a cup of tea and watch romantic movies all by yourself.  A book works just as well!

I opted for the movie, jasmine green tea and some dark chocolate option last night and after my husband came home late we both had a good night’s sleep.  I woke up the next day with that contented, cozy feeling inside.  Now it’s time to spend some quality time with my loving, thoughtful husband and our beloved furry babies!

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