Goodbye Tongs And Curling Irons – Heatless Curls In Five Ways

Curls, twirls and swirls with the lovely locks and tresses. The fashion world has shown us a myriad range to choose and wear, and dolling up is on everyone’s mind, especially now when the festivals are about to arrive. But wait, before you engage in costly parlour trips and use heavily induced chemical based hair treatments to achieve those curls, we would ask you to think a little. Why? Because we care for your hair- chemicals, hot tongs and curling irons do not!

heatless curls

Why curl the natural way?

  • No chemicals that can ruin your lovely hair later on
  • No rushing for touch-ups and spas that often
  • No more spending a bomb swiping your card per visit
  • No more scalp issues to treat- unwanted labour and costs that come with chemical curling
  • No more worrying about hair fall- chemicals kill the hair roots
  • No more dealing with dandruff- chemicals can do that
  • No more dealing with hair thinning- chemicals do that
  • Safe and easy homemade DIY products can curl your hair
  • Not a time consuming affair
  • Temporary curls possible too!

Here are five easy ways to curls your hair without chemicals and heat

Goodbye hot tongs, chemical products and curling irons that have played havoc all this while with your hair and HELLO to the new-age homemade DIY hair curling methods. You would not have to look pillar to post to find these products anymore, because simple items at home and ingredients from your kitchen would manage them all.

Honey and oil

Before you sleep tonight, nourish your hair with half a tablespoon castor oil and two tablespoons of raw honey. While castor oil is known to help thicken the strands and to grow the hair longer, honey with its medicinal properties brings back the shine, the glow and the bounce and nourishes the follicles too.

Wash your hair well and let it dry, to begin with. Mix honey and castor oil in your palms and apply all over the hair. Crunch your hair with the tips of your fingers and allow the hair to rest. If you want to keep it overnight, do so. Should you want to wash it off in an hour- go ahead and do so with very lukewarm water. Dab dry thereafter and crunch with the fingers, using a leave-on conditioner! You have temporary curls to flaunt.

Bobby pins

Use honey over your hair and with the help of bobby pins, roll up your hair strands in soft round bun bunches. Keep the bun bunches on for an hour, until the honey dries off. Wash hair with a mild shampoo and pat dry. Honey nourishes the hair and feeds the follicles, and brings the temporary curls too.

Braid your hair

Ask your friends to help you with this one. While the hair is slightly damp, get as many braids as possible and embellish them with chic colourful accessories. Let the hair dry out and with your palms, gently massage each braid. Open the braids when you think you are done- curly hair sans the curling tongs achieved.

Curling headbands

The market is flooded with chic curling headbands, one too many to choose from. In various shapes and designs too, these curling bands when worn on damp hair can bring about soft curls to sport.

Sleep with tiny buns

Should you want very soft and crimped curls, make three buns- one on the crown, one on each side above the ears and the rest leave them loose.  Pin the buns using a bobby pin for each of them and go off to sleep. Wake up the next morning and unpin the buns. Give your hair a soft brushing to detangle the knots, and you are ready to flaunt those curls!

Have fun ladies, but not at the expense of losing your hair though! From essential oils to chic hair curling accessories, and haute international apparel to match up with those curls, we suggest do checkout to be an all-round fashionista. And while, you are at it do redeem mind-blowing offers and discounts using Nordstrom coupon codes or deals from ChameleonJohn to shop till you drop, while saving generously!

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