Enjoy Some Red Wine (For Your Skin)

If you are a red wine lover (or not) you might just be able to give your skin a healthy boost.  The fabulous people over at 100% Pure (a fabulous brand that creates only the best in natural and healthy personal products) have made it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of red wine with their Red Wine Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum.

But before we dive into this fabulous product, lets go over some of the wonderful benefits of red wine for your skin.

Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum

  • Get a Dose of Resveratrol - Red wine is loaded with Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of peeled grapes. Antioxidants in general are fabulous at slowing down the signs of aging, and this particular one packs a definite punch.  It is also know for its anti-inflammatory abilities, meaning it can be soothing while delivering nutrients to the skin.
  • Put Up a Fight Against Acne - Red Wine also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (better known as AHAs), which are known for their acne-fighting abilities.
  • Indulge in Amino Acids - Last, but certainly not least, red wine is a great source of amino acids, which have been known to help out with both collagen and elastin production.

For those of you who do enjoy a glass here and there, there are many reported internal benefits as well!

red wine beauty benefits

  • Boost Heart Health - This point is a tough one, because it is relatively disputed as to whether or not red wine can actually boost heart health.  Resveratrol is said to help reduce the risk of unwanted clotting, but in moderation, of course!  Heavy drinking does hurt the heart (and much more), so when it comes to getting your resveratrol through red wine, less really is more!  Resveratrol also comes in supplement form, sans the alcohol.
  • Give Your Immune System a Boost - Antioxidants are great for skin immunity, so it is only natural that when ingested, they will help boost internal immunity as well.  While the resveratrol found in red wine won’t make you invincible to the common cold, it is rumored to help boost immunity and lessen your chances of getting it.
  • Enhance Your Sensory Experience - Okay, okay, so this isn’t exactly a “health” benefit.  But cooking with red wine can make food taste amazing, which counts as an internal benefit if you ask me!  There are tons of recipes online that can help you bring this beneficial (and delicious) ingredient into your cooking rotation.

Again, it is important to enjoy your wine in moderation, and always consult with your physician before taking any new supplements.

If you’d like to get the benefits of red wine for your skin, and then some, 100% Pure’s Red Wine Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum is a fabulous pick!

This antioxidant-packed product works to rehydrate and nourish skin while reducing common signs of aging, including ~ fine lines, wrinkles, and the loss of elasticity.  It is a great way to get a potent dose of resveratrol that will not only boost skin health, but protect it from environmental damage as well.

Disclaimer: Please consult with your docor, or other qualified health care professional before using any alcohol including wine.

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