Going Back to Dark

long black hairstyle inspiration

Just less than a month ago I couldn’t wait to get ombre hair.  Now I’m craving luscious, sexy black hair which is my natural hair color anyway.  I have seen some really pretty dark hairstyles on Pinterest and Instagram including the pic above.  Beautiful!  However, this time I’m coloring my hair at home as I refuse to go back to the salon.  I don’t want to shell out another $100+ to sit there for hours when I can simply do it in the comfort of my own home.

So I bought this one (in soft black) at Target after reading some good reviews.  Who knows, I might have already used it a few years back, don’t remember.  I’m ready to get this thing started!  Wish me luck.. hope I don’t mess it up too bad.  Then I must go back to the salon.  Hahaha.

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