Beach Waves for All Kinds of Hair

Beach Blonde® Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray might have “blonde” in the title, but I’ve found it pretty useful for different kinds of hair.  My hair is brown, and this product has found a permanent spot among my favorite hair products.  I have a feeling you’ll find it useful no matter what kind of hair you have.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Here’s what Beach Blonde is, and why I think it’s perfect.

john frieda beach blonde sea salt hair spray

Beach waves are a phenomenon that happens to hair when we’re relaxed, having fun in the sun.    Even the flattest hair takes on new dimension as the salt and spray does its work.  It’s nice to see nature doing the work for me when I’m having fun in the sun, with my guard down.

Beach Blonde lets you achieve the same easy-breezy waves you do at the beach, every day of your life if you want.  It combines natural salt water with oils and minerals that seawater lacks.  With the addition of these, you can be sure that your hair won’t be damaged or dried out by that salt.  

On the contrary, Beach Blonde will make your hair healthier, even as it adds texture, body, and dimension.  Unlike the result of many other products, your hair won’t just look healthy, it’ll be healthy.

So check out JOHN FRIEDA® International Creative Consultant Harry Josh’s new tutorial video to realize just one of the amazing applications of this product. You’ll see how to achieve different styles of waves.  But all of them bear the true sexy natural essence of real natural beach waves.

Brought to you by John Frieda.

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