Don’t Let Undereye Bags and Acne Ruin Your Summer Vacation

Are you not looking so hot in the mirror these days?  When you start to discover those dreaded under eye bags, there are a variety of products and procedures at your disposal that can improve the appearance of your skin.  One such method isblepharoplasty a.k.a. an “eyelift,” which is a minor but effective cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin from underneath the eyes.

This treatment will restore your skin to give it a smooth and tight appearance. However, if you’re apprehensive about going under the knife and would prefer to pursue some non-surgical options, there are others to consider as well.

Skin tightening laser treatments that are performed in the office of a licensed cosmetic surgeon are less costly and do not require the same painful, extended recovery time.  This cosmetic technique is great for thosepeople who have minor undereye bags and wish to target wrinkles around the eye area.

A skin tightening treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen, the structural protein that holds the muscle together, promoting the absorption of it into the surrounding areas.  With these types of cosmetic procedures, your results will be noticeable almost immediately.  You’ll find yourself looking in the mirror and find that your skin has taken on a much more firm and youthful appearance.

tighten loose skin

If you also suffer from hyperpigmentation or acne scarring, you may also see benefits with this cosmetic procedure.  It’s one thing to have puffy under eye circles, it’s another to experience dark, distended looking ones.  With one procedure, you’ll stop your friends, family and colleagues from asking you the devastating question of how much sleep you’ve been getting.

how to treat acne scars

Sometimes, the appearance of under eye circles can be genetic.  Why not take matters into your own hands and restore some elasticity to your skin?  It can help to smooth out your wrinkles and lighten the dark circles beneath your eyes. That way, you can enter the summer with a rejuvenated appearance where only you know your trade secret.

To decide which among the many skin tightening procedures will work for you, schedule a consultation with a respected and certified cosmetic clinic in your area.  If you’re searching for the best skin care clinic in Toronto, Skin Vitality Medical Clinic is a highly regarded and reputable facility with 11 locations across Canada.

Known as the top Botox provider in Canada, they also specialize in ReFirme skin tightening treatments.  The right clinic will offer you a consultation free of charge where they’ll be able to assess your under eye bags and wrinkles.  Don’t hesitate to get a second or third opinion so you can select a place where you can be completely confident in their ability to give you great, long-lasting results.

You don’t have to live with unsightly wrinkles and fine lines forever.  When you work with a qualified medical clinic, those undereye bags are as good as gone.

Disclosure: Brought to you by Skin Vitality Medical Clinic.

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