How to Travel in Style

As the saying goes ~ when you look good, you feel good.  And that is surely no exception when it comes to traveling in style!  Being comfortable is what most of us want while traveling.  But one doesn’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of being comfortable.

I’m talking about people who look sloppy.. those unsightly flip flops and sweats. You have seen them too! The truth is, there are much better alternatives than looking like a lazy couch potato.  Dressing comfortably chic is not only easier than you think but also fun!

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Celebrities and popular fashion bloggers are some of the best for traveling-in-style inspiration as they are often seen out and about while traveling.  Plus, they care enough about their appearance not to resort to sloppiness.

Often you will see them at the airport in casual or in biz-casual attire, usually a pair of jeans worn with a simple pullover. Popular shoe choices are boots in winter, sandals in summer and flats year round.  What make each of their styles stand out is the accessories

Travel accessories are a great way to express and enjoy your personal style whether it’s a cool iPad case or vintage sunglasses.  And of course, a fabulous bag to carry all your essentials on board!

My go-to travel look is casual yet put-together.  I love being in comfortable pants like stretch jeans (aka jeggings) or wide-leg pants.  I prefer a cozy pullover along with a large scarf for layering.

In fall and winter, I tend to wear low ankle boots and a biker jacket.  During summer, a pair of comfy wedge sandals and a light cardigan are my must-haves on trips.  One thing I never leave home without at all times is my oversized sunnies ~ no eye makeup needed!

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Speaking of makeup, what are some of your favorite travel beauty products?  I go very light on makeup as well as packing. A tinted moisturizer or ‘primer + pressed powder’ is all I need for a natural, dewy complexion.  Mario Badescu’s Rosewater facial spray is wonderful for keeping your skin hydrated during flights. A minty balm gives me a quick jolt of refreshment. And all the rest of the beauty goodies in smaller flight-friendly sizes including SPF, hand lotion, perfume, etc.

Honestly, the compact sizes are just as convenient for everyday use.  I get sample size beauty grabs to test out before spending money on regular sizes. Elevate your style even further by taking care of yourself from inside.

In order to feel fully charged and ready to go, do your best to get a good night of sleep.  Also, feel energized by packing healthier snacks such as various nuts (if you are not allergic), fruits (I love berries), and protein bars.  I prefer organic vegan protein powder to mix in with my favorite drinks.  These are great on-the-go snacks along with coffee, mint tea bags and Vitamin C tablets are my travel essentials.  Last but not least, drink a plenty of water!

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