Taylor Sisters

Niki Taylor comes to mind when I think of 90’s supermodels.  I had more magazines with Niki on the cover than anyone else at that time.  She was the IT girl, more so than Gisele ever was.  Such a gorgeous, natural beauty.  And there was her sweet model sis Krissy Taylor.  I still remember flipping through Seventeen magazine gazing enviously at the editorial photos of these two.  They were immensely pretty and happy especially their sisterly love was so genuine even through photos.

Niki has been living without her sister (and best friend) for almost 20 years since Krissy passed in 1995.  Then Niki herself almost died in a car crash in 2001.  I can’t even imagine what Niki and her parents must have endured through these tragedies.  Looking at these photos now brings a new set of emotions mixed with nostalgia and grief.

The Taylor sisters are the epitome of American beauty ~ beautiful while humble, sexy yet down-to-earth sweetness of next door neighbor girls.  Not only did they hit the lottery in the genetics department but also great personalities to outshine the peers and alike.  I’m partial to 90’s models and Niki is among my absolute favorites.  And I miss the old days when fresh-faced models used to grace the fashion covers instead of famous celebs who are all too mundane nowadays.

Oh, you can subscribe to Niki’s youtube channel here for her personal beauty, fashion, lifestyle tips and much more!

niki and krissy taylor

90s models

90s fashion models

niki and krissy

niki taylor editorial

sister photos

photos via tumblr.com, thesymmetricswan.com, pichaus.com

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