Reinvent Yourself With A Monokini

The new era of swimwear is called monokinis.  They are great for redirecting the eyes to those areas that you want to show – show what you have and re-create what you don’t!

The first monokini was a topless swimsuit that exposed the breast.  Designer, Rudi Gernreich, invented this revolutionary swimsuit that later became a fabulous trend in today’s beachwear.  A famous model, Peggy Moffitt, wore it in 1964 for the first time and posed for a renowned magazine.

The era of the monokini arrived with absolutely great modifications that are fun and super sexy.

  • Eliminates the sides with deep cuts
  • Front and back with laces
  • Straps holding everything together
monokini 2015

This exotic swimwear sure is the hottest trend in 2015.  It will provide more coverage than a bikini without losing the sensual touch, but creates a slimming effect by providing some visual distraction and covering those problematic areas. You don’t have to be skinny to wear one just have to find one that fits your body. If you are avoiding one-piece bathing suits and you think you are too shy for bikinis there is this middle ground.

This trend can be really hot and at the same time modest.  Believe it or not you will feel completely comfortable in one. You can flaunt your best features without showing it all.  You can feel hot, sexy and modest all at the same time.  Let me help you find the right one for you:

  • Large cut out monokini: Used by slim, athletic bodies and flatter it with diagonal straps and bands.
  • Heavy patterns: If your body has rounder features let’s focus on heavy, reflective fabrics and colorful patterns.  This will bring attention to your curvy body.
  • Smaller chested: Look for horizontal and stripes.
  • Ideal Monokini: Has a long torso and well defined hips and waist so it can show really well around the middle.  The best one is the one that you feel comfortable and great on it!

sunbane swimwear

Purchase a smart and elegant one!  Find the bathing suit that will make you look more fabulous this coming season.  SUNBAIN offers designer monokinis that will emphasize your hips or creates a balance in your bustier.  For those who want to add some curves to your waist this suit do a great job at enhancing.  It is an extraordinary fusion between a bikini and a one piece halter.

The perfect one will fit just right above the hips and right under your bust.  This new trend is a woman’s favorite!  They are definitely the spark at the beach and a dream come true to all women who would like to model a sexy cut and a trendy detail next time you wear a swimsuit.

The great thing about monokini is that you can wear one as a sexy top!  Pair your favorite monokini with an organza skirt and throw on a faux fur coat for this upcoming holiday festivities.  It will make holidays and sexy weekends more exciting and enjoyable.  Go ahead and try one!!

Disclosure: This article is supported by swimwear

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