High Fashion vs Personal Style

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Many celebrities and fashion icons like Heidi Klum, Blake Lively, and Sarah Jessica Parker influence current fashion trends as they incorporate different color palettes and styles into their wardrobes to make a big effect on their fans.  These trendsetters use cocktail dresses, accessories and jewelry, designer shoes, and perfectly matched make-up to tell their personalized stories as well as showing the current fashion trends.

You don’t need to be a fashionista like these celebrities, but it’s beneficial to develop your own personal style that exudes a confident image and makes you look fashion savvy.  Here are some tips developing a successful high fashion image.

Tips for Bettering Your High Fashion Image

Decide whether you are dressing for you currently or who you are striving to be. It’s ideal to dress for success by choosing both apparel and accessories that match your lifestyle, your body and face shape.

Consider if you want to highlight a particular personality trait like your bubbly personality or outgoing, then dress for it with designer dresses and accessorize it with colorful earrings or oversized statement necklaces.

oversized statement necklace

Purchase apparel and accessories if you can pair them into at least three other outfits or make them go from career wear into a night on the town easily. For example, buy a simple dress that you can wear to work easily with a blazer, a simple pendant, and some diamond stud earrings.

day to night dress

However, for a night on the town, you could forgo the jacket and carry a small clutch.  In addition, you could add an oversized necklace or even a chain that runs down your back instead, depending on its cut.  Add some long earrings, and the transformation is complete.

Invest in some designer brands.  The jewelry is often constructed out of higher quality materials and offers a better selection.  Once you find what works for you in both apparel and accessories, stick to those few brands as you’ll know which brands feature the high quality metals that work with you and who features the best quality stones.  If it’s important to your image, it gives you bragging rights from buying from certain stores.

white gold drop earrings

Use diamond earrings to accessorize almost any type of outfit.  You can wear earrings with everything from a casual girl’s lunch to a formal evening wedding. For everyday outfits, try classic diamond studs.  If you want to look like the celebrities on the red carpet, consider donning an edgier pair of earrings like dangly chandelier ones or colored diamonds.

In reality, any piece of diamond jewelry exudes luxury and style, we may not purchase them as often as we do our other weakness say chocolate but we know when we invest in them, they’ll last for generations.  We treasure the gift of diamonds as it symbolizes love and as Marilyn Monroe once said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Besides traditional white diamonds, consider supplementing your wardrobe and personalized image with the rare and vibrant pieces.  So you can buy Australian argyle pink diamonds.  They signify mystery and beauty, the absolute perfection in diamonds.

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