The Essential Festival Fashion Checklist for Summer 2014

The festival season is nearly upon us!  I can smell the burger vans and portaloos from here!  But despite the unsavoury smells of the festival, and not to mention the possibility of mud (sooooo much mud) a festival happens to be one of the most exciting and best experiences you can have ~ a chance to escape the real world for just five days and listen to some fantastic music.

Although festivals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, there is still no reason why you can’t sport the festival look whether you’re at home or away on your travels. Here are some fantastic festival looks, with help from Style Supremes, Motilo:


Wellies are absolutely key for any festival in Britain.  Even chilly evenings will create dew across the ground.  That teamed with potentially 70,000 festival goers equals a lot of mud!  Hunters are a great option when it comes to wellingtons.  Whilst they are a little pricey, they are good quality and will stand the test of time and, of course, come in a variety of colours too.

Want to save a little cash? Then head to your local garden center!

summer festival shoes


Why opt for the usual green or black when there are so many other choices available to you.  From floral to blocky brights, not only will you be looking fashionable but you become easier to spot too!  You can get many affordable options from the high street, but remember, if heavy showers are forecasted, you may need to head for a more expensive durable option for longevity.

festival jacket


You’re bound to have your denim shorts packed but these are a nightmare to dry after a downpour.  Packed a few of your favourite leggings!  They are easy to dry, compact and stylish too!  The psychedelic colour scheme and outlandish patterns scream the festival vibe.  And you can always pack a few plain black pairs that match everything as well as acting as another layer for warmth at night.

basic black leggings


Most likely, there should be a glimpse of sun during your time.  Sunglasses are an essential, as well as sun cream, hat and a decent cover up to avoid the lobster look.  In terms of sunglasses, there is a huge variety out there at the minute (Topshop being the best bet!) but you don’t necessarily want to go for the most expensive.  No treasures at a festival!  I love the John Lennon style sunnies on the high street, especially with tortoise shell rims, and don’t forget the classic aviator look as well.

summer concert outfit


Or satchel, depending on your preference.

You will have a lot of carry throughout the day, so a sizable and comfortable bag is key.  Remember, your bag needs to hold a bizarre array of items including liquids, loo roll, money and torch so don’t be afraid to investing in a larger number.  Although, too big and those around won’t be happy with you! It’s a balancing act, this bag business…

festival bag

Coachella has been and gone, but there is still the British festival scene to lap up. From Glastonbury to Reading, Secret Garden Party to Latitude, the best music and top celebs will be descending on those fields in style, and you can join them!

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