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I find Beyonce most attractive with loose waves in varying blonde shades.  With her hairstyle as an inspiration, looks like I’m making another visit to the salon to get my color lighter.  Here are some simple steps to creating Beyonce’s gorgeous strands according to beauty expert Kim Kimble.

glamorous hair how to

Hairstyle ties the whole look together.  Here is a simple steps to creating according to beauty expert Kim Kimble.

“To create Beyonce’s soft glam look, I began by creating a deep middle part in Beyonce’s hair,” Kimble told Us. “I then used the curling wand and began to curl her hair in a vertical pattern.”

“Once I completed curling her hair into the desired curl pattern, I gently brushed the curls out by using a natural bamboo grooming brush by Kimble Hair Care,” she explained. “This created a really nice finger-wave pattern.”

To smooth out the look, Kimble used the Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Serum by Kimble Hair Care

“This refined the curl pattern ensuring a seamless finish,” she said. “Lastly, I used Elnett Holding Spray by L’Oreal to set the look and the result will be glam, soft, bold and Beyonce.”

It’s not much different from my usual hair routine except I apply this heat-protecting spray before blow-drying.  The rest of the items to help you achieve the look are ~ Brush // Curling Wand // Serum // Hairspray.  Sexy hair, soft yet sultry smoky eyes and flowy maxi dress ~ it’s time to flaunt the glam-chicness wherever you might be headed!

beyonce hairstyle

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