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There is nothing quite like music to give you the feeling of nostalgia.  To me, the memories and emotions associated with listening to certain music is more effective than seeing photos or watching movies.

Music from the 80’s has a very special place in my heart.  Certain 80’s tunes, I think of when I moved to the states way back in the late 80’s.  Instant nostalgia!

You can only imagine what a huge culture shock that must have been to a little girl who barely spoke English.  One thing that has kept me happy and grounded in this strange land was, yes, music.  MTV and Vh1 (they were actually music channels back in those days…haha) had a big influence and made a lasting impact on me while I was transitioning here in America in the late 80’s.  I have continued to gravitate towards 80’s songs ever since especially in more recent years.  They really hit the spot that will stay with me forever.

Check out some of my gotta-listen-to tunes from my 80’s Favorites list.  Are you familiar with any of these?  Listening to these songs takes me right back to memory lane!  Each particular song has certain life moments attached to it.  It’s kind of amazing when I think about it, especially the way a song creates a particular mood instantaneously.

Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up makes me think of days spent at my friend’s house, watching the video dancing and goofing around.  Fun timez! Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl was playing practically everyday there for a while – passing by the big TV screen countless times in the living room as the music video came on, and as well as listening to it on the school bus radio almost on a daily basis.  My Prerogative by Bobby Brown was my pump up jam while getting ready for school!  Yeah!

Ahhh… all these fond memories come rushing over me every time I listen to this list.  And since my husband is the same age as me, it’s natural to share each other’s 80’s lists as we both reminisce about our childhood memories through these songs.  Whether your friends or family, I think music sharing is quite a wonderful way to connect with those you care about!

Now it’s easier than ever to share your favorite tunes or even a whole list through social media.  I have come across several songs on Facebook that should have been on my 80’s list.  Love it!

How about you?  Do you have a unique list(s) of music?  Let’s share!

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