Getting the right makeup for a first date

Preparing yourself for the first date is basically a circus.  You find that nothing works for your hair, and you don’t like one single outfit in your closet.  Putting on your makeup might be the most difficult task of all.  The important thing to remember is to only put the makeup on in a way that compliments your natural beauty.

Most guys aren’t pulling your leg when they say they don’t particularly care whether you opt for the shimmery blue eye shadow over the forest green, so make your priority the enhancement of your innate charms.  If you stick to the following tips, you are sure to keep his attention.

first date makeup

Go for pretty and natural skin 

There is no need to cake on concealer, foundation, and powder – go for the most natural look.  Use base makeup only in areas that really need it and make sure to blend it in so that there are no lines.  Spritz your entire face lightly with water then allow drying.  Finally, apply a bit of translucent face powder all over with a big, soft brush.  Doing this will protect your makeup from sweat.

Add a touch of light peach or rose blush to your cheeks, sweeping it up toward the temples, to give yourself a healthy glow.  When you look in the mirror, you should appear fresh and polished, not made up for a costume party.

Enhance and show off your eyes

Since this is a first date, you want to keep his attention on you.  In any event, eye contact is always super important.  A lot of nonverbal communication can be conveyed with a coyly seductive glance, so make sure that your eyes are ready to take center stage and speak volumes.

You can achieve the “smoky-eye” look quickly and simply by applying a thin line of eyeliner with a soft pencil right along the top lash line and then smudge it with a cotton ball.  Put another dash along the bottom eye from the outside corner to just under the center of your eyelid and smudge that too.

If you want to make it all “pop,” use a soft color like blue, green or plum instead of going with the typical charcoal.  Apply mascara from the base of the lashes out to the very tips, but be sure they do not appear clumped together.  Use a good brush, which is not already drowning in mascara, to separate your lashes.

If you’re someone who wears glasses, try switching to contacts to give him the easiest access to your eyes.  Always put in your contacts prior to putting in your makeup and, if you aren’t particularly seasoned at putting them in, make sure to allot extra time to the process so you don’t feel rushed.  If you’re someone who is not use to wearing lenses, talk to your ophthalmologist about obtaining a free trial of a naturally lubricating product, like Acuvue Trueye found here.

Keep your lips looking moist and soft

No guy is going to find dry, cracked lips attractive, but you also do not want them to appear really sticky.  If you like to wear lipstick, wear a light or neutral color that won’t risk you looking like a clown in the wrong light.  While some men love the sight of a lusciously red pucker, many actually perceive it as being potentially messy if they lean in for a kiss.

Applying a touch of translucent powder over the lipstick will help to set it so you do not have to stop the conversation to reapply it.  Whether you wear a colored lipstick or not, gloss is a must to add some softness.  Do not go with a sweet, thick gloss – retailers like Sephora have great options for any complexion.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to stealing his heart.

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