Street Style Fashion – when utility and timeless style collide

Celebrity styles and runway trends have their place, but some of the most intriguing and trendy outfit ideas come from the streets.  Stylish civilians throw together outfits using everyday essentials and most of them rival trends from the runway.  Pay close attention to the styles on the street and get inspirational ideas to improve your wardrobe.

street style fashion

Combining your street chic fashions with classic styles is not as difficult as you think.  Here are some basic guidelines to get started.

Develop your own style

While it’s easy to wear what others are wearing, you should develop a style that’s uniquely yours.  Let your interests influence your fashion.  For instance, what genre of music do you like?  What type of books and movies do you prefer?  What elements from your background and origin could you incorporate into your everyday style?  Consider all these factors and find interesting ways to cultivate your own style.

Find your perfect color

Do you gravitate towards the same colors every time you go shopping?  If your closet is essentially made up of a palette of two or three different colors, there might be a good reason.  Some colors will look better on you because of your skin tone, so it’s a smart idea to identify the colors that are most flattering.

There are several ways to determine your best colors, and one of the best ways is to identify your skin undertone.  While there are numerous shades of skin, there are only two undertones, so finding your undertone should be an easy task.  Use the vein test, the old jewelry trick or some other method to identify your undertone and use that information to choose the best colors for your skin.

Learn about proportion

Finding balance is an essential part of street chic fashion.  Don’t wear a loose top and a loose bottom unless you want to look sloppy.  Find balance in your outfits.

fitted top and skirt

For instance, if you’re going to wear a revealing top, then make sure you’re appropriately covered on the bottom.  Wear a fitted top with a loose skirt or pants.  Choose heels that fit your body type – chunky heels are only appropriate if you have the height to carry them.

Shop in unexpected places

If you want to look different from everyone else, don’t shop at the mall.  Instead, go to thrift shops and vintage stores for classic designer pieces.  You’ll also come across terrific finds if you take your shopping online.  Shop in less trafficked places and you’ll find unique pieces that will set you apart from others.  Finally, make sure you purchase clothing in your size.  It will be painfully obvious if you wear clothing that’s several sizes too big or small.

Stock up on the basics

Start with the basics when you’re building your street style wardrobe.  So everything from black leggings to oversized tees, cardigans, a pair of fabulous jeans, leather boots, a stylish coat and a pair of cute summer flats count.

ankle strap sandals

Once you’ve built up your basics, you should be able to mix, match, and layer the items to create multiple looks.  Important – when you’re buying basic pieces, it’s a terrific idea to splurge if you want the pieces to last for a while. Shop designer sales or use coupons to get designer wear for less.

Invest in quality underwear

Don’t get so caught up in your outerwear that you forget what goes underneath. Purchase quality underwear in shades of black and nude and make sure you purchase the right size.  Schedule a professional bra fitting if you’re uncertain about your size – most women wear the wrong sized bra.

nude push-up bra

Seamless underwear is also essential for those times when you need to conceal the lines.  Wear your dark underwear under dark coloured clothing and the nude colors under light clothing.


Accessories such as belts, scarves, sunglasses, headgear, jewelry and handbags like Lizzy Disney handbags provide an ideal way to improve your wardrobe.  The right accessories will make a basic outfit look stunning. Accessorizing is one of the best ways to create your street chic style.  Layer them if you wish, but remember, moderation is essential.

burgundy shoulder bag

A well-stocked closet might not be the solution to street style fashion.  Most people have a hard time turning the individual components into a true wardrobe. Instead, you should use a few essential pieces to take your wardrobe from okay to awesome.

Start with your building block pieces and add a few extras to mix and match, and create an interesting outfit that’s uniquely you.

Article written by Francesca Rhodes. Francesca Rhodes is crazy about great everyday style. She enjoys putting together classic wardrobes that will last with fashion and wear.

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