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So whatcha think about Google Glass?  Chic or not?  And is it as practical as it seems?

google glass

First, I like that it’s not an overly bulky, chunky piece.  For the obvious reason, a wearable computer such as this should be small and discrete.  And this one is screaming to be test driven before even considering spending this kind of doe, $1500!  It’s launch date is set to be sometime in 2014.

The features are pretty neat.  Take pictures, record video, get directions, etc.. via convenient voice demand, and even share your stuff.  If you want a hands-free option, this gadget is pretty sweet!  I think this will come in handy especially while you are traveling and on-the-go where you want to capture those moments, without having to reach for your cell or camera.

google glasses

google glass image

I’m overall excited about this glass launch as this is really only baby steps to what will come later… with better design & technology to come.

Personally, I find the glass looks more appealing over sunglasses.  Less of a dorky appeal… it kind of blends with your regular eyewear.  I say wear it with your sunglasses.  The combination of the glasses below would be a cool look on a ski strip.

latest tech gadget

The next generation of Google Glass would be able to accommodate prescription glasses.  However, if you don’t want anything to do with glasses of any sort, or those who don’t like contacts, there is always lasik surgery – Optical Express – problem solved.  Just remember this though, and take it to heart – no googly eyes while driving… ok?

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