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Coat | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses | Umbrella

It’s raining out.  Rainy days have inspired me today to share some of my cravings for rainy day fashion.  Here are a few functional yet stylish items to keep us looking mighty stylish on any wetlands!

Rainy Day Style Essentials

I’m craving glossy and shiny things.  What I really want is a see-through rain coat preferably in polka dot print.  So cute!  A crossbody style bag is ideal on rainy days & even better if it’s a PVC bag to repel water.  

And these glossy Hunter wellies are going to be your BFFs all year round for your wet-day attire.  Not into a shiny finish?  Then check out more Hunter styles here. Top it all off with a pair of cool mirrored sunglasses and a studded skull umbrella!

More transparent rain jacket.  I mean, how cute is this clear jacket with dots and black trim?

transparent rain coat

I also would love these lightweight hooded trench coats below.  A bit of a casual and relaxed style would make a fab go-to topper for school or work. Which color do you like?

lightweight trench coat

My heeled rain boots (review coming soon!) will look amazing with these coated skinny jeans.  They have a leathery appearance without the weight and feel of leather.  Versatile colors make them easy to wear as well.  Grab your size while on sale for only $20.25!

coated denim pants

Last but not least, an irresistible scent.  I find citrus fragrances quite refreshing on rainy days.  My latest must-have perfume is the Citron de Vigne by Fresh in light, crisp citrus notes.  Gotta love it!

citrus perfume

Honestly I crave rain nearly everyday.  Even if just a drizzle, it would make me so happy.  I’m ready to enjoy some rain time tonight and the coming weekend as our weather forecasts a decent downpour.  Plus, the temperature should be 10° cooler by tomorrow.  Woohoo… doesn’t take much to get me excited! 

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