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When it comes to selecting hair extensions, consumers are faced with an increasing array of choice within the market.  Despite this wide range of products, however, there are only two main categories from which customers can make their final selection.  More specifically, individuals can choose between synthetic and human hair products, with the latter gaining in popularity in light of numerous scientific advances.  Human hair extensions offer considerable advantages to consumers, especially when they are used in the correct manner.

With this in mind, what are the key points to bear in mind when selecting and using human hair extensions?  Consider the following:

The Benefits of Human Hair Extensions
When compared to synthetic hair, the genuine article offers a greater degree of flexibility with regards to style and care.  While it is more expensive than its artificial alternative, human hair is more durable, more compatible with modern styling techniques and easier to wear in a host of variable styles including Gisele-style beachy hair.

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How Can Human Extensions be Incorporated into the Hair?
Another consideration is the method used to integrate extensions into an existing hair style.  Clip-in products are the most popular among consumers, as they are simple to manage and help to create a seamless, natural style.  More permanent installations are suitable for customers who wish to wear their extensions continuously, while they can also be melded into a host of different styles.

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Consider the Length and Type of Hair Extension
Given that human hair extensions are designed to create a natural visual aesthetic, it is important to select a preferred length and style.  Extensions can be purchased as either wavy, curvy or straight, while there are also variable lengths available.  It is important to choose an extension that is compatible with your styling needs, as this will help you to maintain a desired look for longer.

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Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Hershesons.

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