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Looking after your hair isn’t always as eco-friendly as you’d like it to be.  All those electrical styling tools and expensive hair products, not to mention the many chemicals in hair dyes, don’t exactly lend themselves to green living.  But what if I told you that you can keep your hair looking great without having to hurt the planet?

home hair care tips

Here are five easy, thrifty and eco-friendly hair tips you can DIY at home!

1. Lemon juice can degrease hair

Lemon juice can quickly solve your greasy hair woes, and when worked into a weekly hair care routine you should be able to wave goodbye to this embarrassing issue forever.  Leave one or two herbal tea bags (rosemary, chamomile, etc) to diffuse in a jug of hot water for 30 minutes, squeeze a couple of ripe lemons (smells so wonderful), and wash your hair in the solution.  Leave it in for 10 minutes and then rinse your hair.

2. You can make your own sea salt spray

You can buy lots of different sprays and spritz that can give you ‘beach waves’, but these sea salt sprays can be easily created at home.  Even better, you can make them with products you probably already own.

Grab yourself an old spray bottle and add one teaspoon of ordinary sea salt for every cup of lukewarm water.  Shake the bottle to dissolve the salt, and then add about half a teaspoon of coconut scented conditioner (or coconut oil).  Put half a teaspoon of hair gel to the mixture, shake well and spray onto damp or dry hair the next time you want that beach hair.

3. Vinegar can make your hair shinier

This popular hair care method works by closing the cuticles of the hair, so each strand can reflect light, meaning it’s kind of an optical illusion.  Simply mix one part vinegar (apple cider vinegar) with one part water.  After shampooing, pour the mixture on your head.  Massage it into the hair and scalp, then just leave it to work its major for about 10 minutes.  Rinse your hair to remove the vinegar before drying and styling!  The smell will disappear as your hair dries.

4. You can use mayonnaise as a deep conditioner

It might sound strange (and unpleasant), but rather than buying numerous deep conditioners throughout the year, just reach for your jar of mayonnaise.

Rinse your hair with warm water, rub a generous amount of mayonnaise through your hair, wrap your hair in a shower cap and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it out gently with a shampoo.  You might feel silly doing it, but you’ll be left with gorgeous, silky hair.

5. And oatmeal as dry shampoo

I’m interested in trying out this green version soon.  Grind up some oatmeal in your blender to a fine consistency, pour it into a salt shaker and apply it to your roots.  Rub it through your hair and style as usual.  It’s a simple, natural way to freshen up your hair between washes.

You see?  With these slightly unusual tips you’ll be able to stay green while still looking great.  Bonus!

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Hershesons, a designer hair specialist with salons throughout London.  The website also offers numerous hair styling tips, hair styling tools and accessories that you can buy today.

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