What’s your unique style?

Style is my creative outlet.  The absolute most satisfying way to let my personality shine through – without saying a word!  My style is not particularly different yet it’s unique in a way that there is a strong urge to incorporate a bit of edgy and sexy elements – whether it’s killer heels, a rugged biker jacket or a set of smoldering smoky eyes – no matter the occasion.  And never saying no to animal prints.

fashion style inspirations

Like everyone else my style has evolved (thank goodness!).  I was heavily influenced by Kate Moss.  Her personal style captured my attention during my teen years.  She made me realize the meaning of the word ‘effortless’, and the art of mixing & matching.  Fashion has gone beyond the boundaries of just looking good.  To me, it’s pure joy… from selecting each piece carefully to seeing the entire ensemble come together – ultimately creating a different look each & every time.

Some of my style essentials are skinny pants, boots, high heels and chic outerwear (anything from biker jackets to blazers).  Since I’m a girl on a budget, I try my best to choose pieces to wear year round.  And often (well, pretty much always) seek out designer threads on discount!

spring wardrobe essentials

When in doubt, rock sexy makeup and bed hair.  You’ll feel HOT even in overalls.  Again, the sexy factor is a must for me… if I have the time that is.  Getting dolled up is not as simple as throwing on a spontaneous outfit.

sexy makeup

Here are a few of my favorite quotes regarding style and fashion.

The difference between day and evening clothes is outdated – Yves Saint Laurent
Life is too short to wear ugly clothes – Me
Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others – Anna Wintour
True style commands attention to the person rather than the clothes she wears – Me
You are what you wear – Treasure Stitches

It’s arduous to become one-of-a-kind in anything including the fashion world.  Rather, have fun with your wardrobe, mix & match items in your closet to create a unique look each time.  Dare to experiment… find new things to suit your style & personality!

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best diet soda

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