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In recent years you may have noticed the trend of statement rings.  Statement rings, simply put, are large, more audacious rings used to highlight one’s style.  Statement rings can take on a variety of settings, styles and metals.  Some include stones, either precious or semi-precious, while others rely entirely on the beauty of metal to get their point across like the camo tungsten ring below!

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In most recent years a number of male celebrity musicians and actors have begun to adhere to the use of statement rings as a fashion-forward accessory.  These sightings have launched the idea of statement rings into the collective conscious of the stylish demographic.

Many rings worn by male celebrities are made of tungsten.  Tungsten is a strong, silver-toned metal that can be finished in both matte and polished finishes.  It has a high melting point and is far stronger, and less prone to scratching than other metals such as gold and sterling silver.  These attributes have made it a highly popular choice, in more recent years, for men’s rings of all kinds and now commonly used in wedding rings.

Also, a tungsten ring adorned with religious symbols is also fairly common and increasingly popular with religious individuals.  These statement rings are used as a reminder of one’s faith on a day to day basis.

Regardless of your personal choices, religious background or cultural affiliation, find a ring to highlight the statement you wish to make.  The metal, because of its strength, will last through a variety of use and conditions.  For many looking to buy jewelry, it can be considered a wonderful investment piece!

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