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Lately, there is increasing number of people suffering from the flu including my friends and family.  I’m fortunate so far in that category since I haven’t had the cold or flu in well over 10 years or so.  My advice is to stay away from people (no, really), get plenty of sleep (8+ hrs) and load up on veggies and fruits – everyday.  Maybe it’s the daily dose of organic green tea or my love of veggies especially spicy stuff like peppers, garlic and onions that has kept me healthy.  One thing that really baffles me is though is people’s strong aversion to vegetables.  Some treat it like poison… freak out by the sight of chopped onions or sliced tomatoes.  Yet, they have no problem chomping down on a greasy carcass.

I was (like millions of people) fooled into believing that you can’t get enough nutrients without consuming meat.  What a big fat lie that was!  In this day and age, one can get essential nutrients including protein from various plant-based foods.  I feel better and healthier ever since I stopped eating all red meat (along with cows milk & pork) about three years ago.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  I grew up on vegetables so the choice was rather easy.  Now I’m working on cutting out poultry and eventually seafood (this would be a be a bit of challenge for me).

For those that are willing to stop eating meat, it’s simple – just say ‘NO’ to meat!  Don’t think of it as ‘giving up meat’, but rather that quitting a meat addiction is like quitting smoking in a way (me & my hubby went cold turkey on beef and pork).  And start to awaken your taste buds with healthier and truly better tasting food.  It will bring about positive changes to your body and mind.

There are some incredibly delicious meat-free dishes littered all over the internet or you can try these local eateries near you while out & about.  My favorite is Bibimbap (meatless version), a very popular Korean dish I often order at Korean restaurants.  Super yuuummmm!  Anyway, I hope this post can at least make you think about what you are really putting in your body.  Hoping you stay healthy and happy, always!

photo via The Alkaline Sisters

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