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stackable rings I have always loved a bit of finger bling and without looking a little bit like you are wearing a set of knuckle dusters – more scary than stylish – a ring on each finger is kinda ridiculous.

Enter stacking rings!  Designed to fit together in tons of cute combinations and dinky enough that they don’t weigh your fingers down, these little rings are my new favorite finger ornaments!  With ethnic layering all over the catwalks, it makes sense that this trend would stretch to your jewelry.  A great way to pull off the more-is-more look without crossing over the gaudy boundary!

Want to take a peek at some of the rings I’m craving?  Check out these stacking rings from Pepper Pink.

PepperPink jewellery

These are not turn-your-finger-green costume jewelry.  They are the real deal and they have a price tag to match.  But not being able to afford a stack of them on my pinkie (maybe one… right… lol!) doesn’t stop me oohing and ahhing over them.  And cheaper copies are littering the high street so take the inspiration and run with it!  Yeah!

To really roll with the trend, stack your bracelets as well (I prefer a max of three).  Layer up a pretty floaty top over some jeans with a cozy cardigan and strut your stuff!  I like to mix up my metals (see the common theme here?) – a bit of bronze and antique silver thrown in with the ‘cleaner’ looking silvers gives everything a bit of a boho twist that looks fab while cohesive.

All that remains then is to make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped (what will all that attention on your hands) and you are ready to go!

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