Stoked about Stacked Wines

California wine

Have you tried Stacked Wines yet?  These wines are so neat and pleasing to the eyes.  Aren’t they wonderful?  Four individual containers/cups stacked up as a whole bottle.  Cool, huh!

Each bottle comes in pretty packaging.  I got to try Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Grigio.  Took all three bottles to a friend’s house and they were a big hit!

plastic bottle wine

So convenient!  Since they are in plastic, the wines are super portable so they are great for parties especially outdoor gatherings.  No worries of breakage or dirty glasses for that matter… that means no dishes to wash!  Oh, and no corkscrew required.

Just peel off the foil seal and enjoy!  Each container has its own lid, great for leftovers – stack ‘em back!

stacked wines

good cheap wine

Most popular among the three happened to be Pinot Grigio.  My cuz loves it too as the price is reasonable at $14.99.  Why don’t you toss one of these to your friends as that’s one thing you couldn’t do with a big glass bottle!  Cheers!

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