It’s The One, finally

My signature scent keeps changing.  Actually I’ve never had a so called “signature scent” (at least not for long).  Fragrances are the one thing that I’m so indecisive with.  Love it one day, hate it the next day.  Call me crazy, but there are several fragrances that I absolutely fall in love with at first but then at some point even the sight of the bottle makes me gag.

I can’t count how many unfinished bottles are sitting under my sink right now.  I ask myself why keep on buying new fragrances when it will just sit there after only a few sprays?  Well, looks like I have an empty bottle for the first time, finally.  And you guessed it – Dolce & Gabbana The One it is!

fragrance review

This is the only perfume so far that I continued to use and it actually ran out.  I find myself reaching for it continuously and I’m thrilled to finally have my go-to scent.  Fragrances are so personal and hard to describe in words.  The One exudes a warm, soft, alluring scent and mostly a very subtle chocolatey (?) undertone that is so irresistible to me!  This time I got a bigger bottle in a set – 2.5 fl oz bottle, lotion, and portable roller pen to carry in purse – all for only $98 from Macy’s.

Oh, and the kind lady at the counter gave me a 3.3 fl oz bottle of Rose The One lotion as a gift (not a fan of the rose scent in this).  Always ask for goodies when you are shopping at department stores.

rose fragrance lotion

Between Gisele Bundchen and Scarlett Johansson for the ad campaign, the scent somehow fits better with Scarlett.  This fall 2011 ad is perfect.

Dolce & Gabbana The One

I hope that my fondness of this scent continues as I’m tired of looking for a scent I really love.  The One is a perfect scent for cooler weather as I prefer more citrusy scent like Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere in summer.

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