HP Touchpad for $149!

HP Touchpad fire sale

As HP announced they were dropping webOS devices, immediately afterwards the prices took a crazy nosedive.  HP’s Touchpad fire sale started yesterday – $99 for 16GB ($499) and $149 for 32GB ($599)!  What?!  Although it’s a discontinued item, and not as sweet as an iPad per say, $100 or $150 for a tablet is a smokin’ deal especially for simple users like me.

I managed to order a 32GB HP Touchpad from here and now it’s sold out of course.  The site was full of glitches due to overwhelming demand.  Refresh fest.. ugh!  Still in disbelief that the order actually went through.  My credit card show’s pending so that’s a good sign!  I got one baby!

I initially wanted the iPad 2 but I’m going to patiently wait for an upgraded, newer version to be available just like I did with my iPhone.  In the meantime, this tablet should be more than sufficient to keep me entertained (I got 2 day UPS shipping for only $6).  Did any of you happen to pick up an HP Touchpad or two at these sale prices?

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