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Are you enjoying the sizzling weather?  What in the world is going on here, the entire east coast including the north east is cooking in the 90’s!  Oh boy, I’m so looking forward to the next 4 months of toasting in the sun… lol! Please keep yourself hydrated cause I’ve been getting some bad headaches the last couple of days.  Probably due to being out for hours without drinking enough fluids and I paid for it.  Hopefully a quick summer and might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

Speaking of enjoying, I’m thoroughly enjoying my newest bling ring.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I find buying “real” diamond jewelry as one of the biggest wastes of money especially when there are plenty of low cost alternatives that are just as breathtaking at a fraction of the cost.  Even if I were to ever to become a millionaire I certainly would never spend thousands of $$$ on a diamond.  There are just so many better and more fun ways to spend money than on a most overrated, overpriced stone.

Single Stone Diamond Ring from Your Fashion Jewellery
diamante jewelry

As for that matter, Your Fashion Jewellery (where I got the ring above), is an ideal online shop offering a range of fashion jewellery at super low prices. The company is based in the UK but they ship worldwide!  Although there are a ton of affordable jewelry retailers, I had the best personal experience with their friendly service along with fast delivery (abroad!), making the whole experience that much more pleasant.

When I saw the Single Stone Diamond Ring on YFJ I fell in love!  This ring is from their Diamante Range and it’s absolutely brilliant, literally!  What a pretty ring for just $16!  I have a weakness for clear stone rings… bold, crisp, and so gorgeous.  Wear this ring with everything from a LBD to jeans and shorts – the perfect blend of elegance and major bling bling!  Me likey!

simulated diamond

I love the simplicity of this ring.  In fact I’m loving the ring so much that I’ve been wearing it everyday since the arrival, even as I’m typing right now.  I’m loving the abundant sparkles of cubic zirconia and its dazzling design.

ring review

The ring looks better on your finger.  It gives off an intense sparkle!

clear stone ring

The tall framing and the weighty material makes this ring look and feel more expensive.  As you can see it has an adjustable band which is a major plus when ordering online!

Yesterday I accidentally banged it pretty well against a hard surface (thought it broke!) and it held up very well.  So whatcha think about this ring?  I’m sure you have something similar that you really adore as well?

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